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Extension School Project Groups

Extension School Project Proposal Template

List of Projects

  • The Harvard Extension Open Courseware Project
    • One uncommon aspect of this course is that much of the course materials are being made available to the entire world free of charge. MIT's OpenCourseWare initiative is an attempt to make virtually all course materials (lecture videos, notes, assignments, exams, even books) for all MIT courses freely available to the world. Harvard Medical School has made some progress towards sharing their own course materials. With a large number of online video courses, Harvard Extension School has an opportunity to create a similar initiative -- currently, video courses are tightly restricted to enrolled students only.
  • The Video Production Project
    • Professor Nesson would like the videos from our lectures to be edited into something suitable for a broader audience, perhaps incorporating the footage from the second camera, adding some context, adding some supporting materials, taking out the boring parts. This is a logistical/technical problem as well as a video-editing project. Want to do it for just one lecture? Or all of them? Or just help figure out how to get it done
  • The Soulvasq Music Video
    • The idea is to have participants work together to create a music video, using machinima, shot in SL. It could be a cool example of how an independent band, with relatively few resources, can create an interesting, engaging and impressive video. Furthermore, it'll be an interesting (insane?) experiment in distributed processes.

Project Timecode

As Prof. Nesson mentioned at the beginning of today's video, I need help from all of you in the extension class. Please keep track of the elapsed time on the video, and record changes in topic! You can post it all up here.

Thanks, --Kwan Bul 15:32, 25 September 2006 (EDT)