Evidence the way i learned it

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  • party boy at college straightened up by a lawschool dean
taught con law by paul freund: the advanced student who had never had a course
taught rhetoric by david kennedy – start with the title, the first page is the cover of the book
  • smart kid coming out of law school looking at trial's death-penalty ending in Swain v. Alabama
taught litigation and passion by joan doar – civil rights division: white v. crook, jury taken over by the state, the state taken over by evil

evidence – how you prove things, how you make a case, how you confront authority to put it across, how to win a noble cause

  • bill kuntsler- lenny weinglass: contempt of julius hoffman's court - the challenge of authority
the courtroom as stage: rhetorical space, set, roles, behaviors
the limits of a judge's power over lawyers
  • the berrigan brothers - blood in the files - choosing a jury
  • ellsberg – pentagon papers - leonard boudin - Matt Byrne – standing against authority with craft and guile and humor and media management
  • edelin – david rosenberg- bill homans – ben kaplan – courage and compassion in a doctor against racism and religious persecution
  • a civil action – jan schlichtmann – jerry facher - judge skinner -how to lose a judge who starts out in your favor
the case
the book
the film
  • swan
  • daubert – judicial gatekeeping:
the need for judicial constraint in cases in which lawyers ask juries for money
distinction for a lawyer speaking for liberty
  • oj in the classroom – classroom in the court of public opinion
  • riaa, poker, marijuana