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Eon Berkman: Court is adjourned until tomorrow evening.

Vitango Spinotti: Nice job everyone!!

Hearo Nakamura: thank you all

Rebecca Berkman: I agree. I think that was great!

Rebecca Berkman: It will be very interesting to see if we can find some ways to make more use of the physical space.

Vitango Spinotti: It leaves much to be answered though

Rebecca Berkman: Because it does seem to go a bit slowly, even though it is very interesting.

Rebecca Berkman: Ah Vitango, I think taht is what cross-examination will help us with!

GeoffMcG Xi: there was a lag in the text tonight.

Nate Grigges: I guess that is both the strength and weakness of it, Rebecca

Daisyblue Hefferman: perhaps lawyere could cut & paste their questions, instead of typing?

Superlawyer3000 Susanti: we did that

Madison Kotobide is Offline

Rebecca Berkman: It is difficult to do it efficiently with so many avatars on the sim.

Daisyblue Hefferman: the prepared ones, at least

Vitango Spinotti: Well, more specifically the overall courtroom dialogue...

Rebecca Berkman: This is a heavy load.

Rebecca Berkman: What sorts of questions?

Cordelia Moy: Your really have to focus on the words. I don't mind that, though.

Vitango Spinotti: for example, the Judge has a difficult time interrupting, etc...

Rebecca Berkman: We should collect them together so that we can try to answer them all.

Rebecca Berkman: Yes, that's true. Like stopping the witness when there is an objection.

Vitango Spinotti: Objections are made but dialogue continues unobstructed.

Rebecca Berkman: Also, it seems to me that opening and closing statements could be done better with audio.

Vitango Spinotti: exactly.

Eon Berkman: sometimes that happens in real court as well

Rebecca Berkman: (In fact, if the counsel for the closing statements want to record at 2 minute closing statement as an mp3 and send it to me or my father, we can play it here tomorrow)

Vitango Spinotti: Its as if a new "program" is in need; where a quasi-dicatatorship is established inside an environment (i.e., the courtroom) and "free speech" is granted and revoked at times for sake of the trial.

GeoffMcG Xi: the mp3 is a great idea.

Rebecca Berkman: I think there might be a way to do that. But for tonight, the problem is really finding a way to allow more speech, not less, I think.

Rebecca Berkman: Even though it wouldn't be exactly like real life court, I think it would help keep it interesting while the questioning and other stuff goes on.

Vitango Spinotti: There is a program available that allows multi-user voice chat in environments...

Rebecca Berkman: There are various voice options, but none are integrated with SL.

Yuu Nakamichi: there is a new skype based service

Rebecca Berkman: That, I think, would place a big burden for all of us to do all at once.

Vitango Spinotti: Actually, Rebecca, there is one...

Yuu Nakamichi: but it is in beta

Eon Berkman: hello jurors

Daisyblue Hefferman: hello. Your honor

Nate Grigges: hello Prof. Eon

Eon Berkman: was this an interesting experience for you

Cordelia Moy: Hello, Your honor.

Nate Grigges: yes

Daisyblue Hefferman: very

Vitango Spinotti: I'm looking for the landmark to send you Rebecca.

Teresa Cinquetti: yes sir it was

Cordelia Moy: Yes, very interesting.

Eon Berkman: excellent

Rebecca Berkman: Oh, I've tried it on Campus Island, Vitango.

Vitango Spinotti: Yes, I believe that is it - is it no good?

Nate Grigges: I am glad we decided to finish it tomorrow rather than continue to friday

Rebecca Berkman: I think it is fine, but I am skeptical of how easy it would be to get us all on it. Second Life is already a big tech barrier, but to also require people to have computers with headphones and microphones would rule out a lot more people.

Rebecca Berkman: And create an odd divide.

Yuu Nakamichi agrees

Nate Grigges: presumably us jurors would only need headphones/speakers

Daisyblue Hefferman: yes, too much to expect of some on such short notice, altho i have tha capability to do it

Yuu Nakamichi: I think there might be a faster innovation cycle now that the viewer has been open-sourced

Nate Grigges: that is good to hear, Yuu

Rebecca Berkman: Zoe, that will still work.

Rebecca Berkman: But if you can record a little audio piece instead, you might find it more engaging.

Vitango Spinotti: Sure, hopefully in the future it might become a more realistic approach.

Yuu Nakamichi: but voice based services will be an addtional barrier, I agree

Rebecca Berkman: If you've written a script already, it wouldn't take long to record. I'm sure my fahter would be happy to help someone in your group record it tomorrow.

Eon Berkman: yes indeed

Rebecca Berkman: I think voice is coming, it is just a question of when.

Daisyblue Hefferman: Ihave had trouble using the audio system behind you

Daisyblue Hefferman: it doesn't work for me

Rebecca Berkman: I will be sad to see text-only go, though I see the many advantages of voice capability.

Rebecca Berkman: The controls of the mp3 player are restricted access. I don't know why it is made that way.

Daisyblue Hefferman: ok

Rebecca Berkman: But if I play something, you should be able to hear it.

Eon Berkman: if cut and paste will work to speed things up i'd stick with it.

Rebecca Berkman: I'll put on some music now, for anyone who wants it.

Vitango Spinotti: Let me ask one thing - do you all feel offering this Open Source approach to Knowledge is "subsidizing" education to people who otherwise would not have had access to it?

Yuu Nakamichi: haha

Cordelia Moy: that I think the SL conversations were livelier and more interesting than the traditional class discussions I saw on tape.

Nate Grigges: yes, it seems failed is appropriate