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CyberOne Warriors Group Meeting: Tue, 10/24 @ 8:30 (EDT)

[18:03] Tempus Folsom: Yoyo, can you tell us a little about yourself?
[18:04] Yoyo Mah: sure.. in RL, I do freelance engineering/consultant. I am working toward my ALMIT program.
[18:04] Tempus Folsom: what is ALMT?
[18:04] Yoyo Mah: While I am not a 100% geek, I am working to get Google hardwired to my brain ;)
[18:04] crislc Amdahl: careful...their AI might eat you :-)
[18:04] Yoyo Mah: it's the prof master program for IT people
[18:04] Tempus Folsom: thanks
[18:04] crislc Amdahl: management information technology?
[18:04] Constanza Corleone: Hey!!! thats great!! sounds pretty interesting!! Im sure you´ll do it
[18:05] Tempus Folsom: and m of f in RL?
[18:05] crislc Amdahl: sorry, what was that tempus?
[18:05] Yoyo Mah: MIS is one of the concentration. But, I am doing Software Engineering... working on some speech recognition technology right now
[18:05] Tempus Folsom: m or f, in real life?
[18:05] crislc Amdahl: that's very cool, yoyo
[18:05] Yoyo Mah: take a guess...
[18:06] crislc Amdahl: is'nt the point that we can't tell?
[18:06] Tempus Folsom: On the internet, no one knows you're a dog....old cartoon
[18:06] crislc Amdahl:
[18:07] Yoyo Mah: exactly!!
[18:07] crislc Amdahl: btw, can I get everyone's permission to post this transcript?
[18:07] Tempus Folsom: yes
[18:07] Yoyo Mah: so, I just read from Moodle that you guys are doing age verification
[18:07] Yoyo Mah: sure.
[18:07] Tempus Folsom: what do you think of the idea?
[18:08] Constanza Corleone: got mine
[18:08] Yoyo Mah: it's perfect!!
[18:08] Yoyo Mah accepted your inventory offer.
[18:08] Tempus Folsom: Constanza, we misse you last week
[18:08] Tempus Folsom: Great
[18:08] Constanza Corleone: I know, I had web problems...
[18:08] Constanza Corleone: I have to make it up to you
[18:08] crislc Amdahl: are you feeling better, constanza? i know you were sick a couple weeks ago
[18:08] Constanza Corleone: I have been better!! thank you so much!
[18:08] Tempus Folsom: CC did you get to review project proposlal wiki
[18:09] crislc Amdahl: yoyo, have you glanced at that yet?
[18:09] crislc Amdahl: we could probably sum up for everyone instead
[18:09] Yoyo Mah: yea.. in the last 10 minutes :)
[18:09] crislc Amdahl: hey, you're the one who wants Google hardwired to his (english gender-neutral, "his") brain
[18:10] crislc Amdahl: tempus, do you want to quickly sum up our project plan so far?
[18:10] Constanza Corleone: I was reading an assigment for a report the other day in terms of the distribution of internet and how latin america and some other regions do not have as much access as me might think
[18:10] Yoyo Mah: CC, that's right!
[18:10] Constanza Corleone: then I kept thinking , as a mexican, of all this issues of the court of ublic opinion, and how the world is movinf "forward" to all this technologies
[18:11] Yoyo Mah: despite all the "success", Internet still hasn't connected some 4.5 billion people
[18:11] Constanza Corleone: I couldn´t helpt thinking.. does this mean this people´s voice is left behind?
[18:11] crislc Amdahl: yeah, i hear you constanza. one of my interests is the distribution of the internet, especially in countries where English isn't the primary language
[18:11] Constanza Corleone: true!
[18:12] Constanza Corleone: you know, I have been explaining to some people for HOURS what second life is about
[18:12] crislc Amdahl: i think it's a really important question....but I also want to stay on-task :-)
[18:12] crislc Amdahl: tempus, our group makeup has changed. do you want to re-evaluate our project?
[18:12] Yoyo Mah: seem like we all have similar interest ..
[18:12] Tempus Folsom: CC did you get to liik at the project wiki?
[18:12] Constanza Corleone: maybe for you is quite normal, and things like TIVO and all the tchie things, for latins no..
[18:12] crislc Amdahl: actually, some of the most gifted programmers I've "met" are in Colombia
[18:12] Constanza Corleone: I had problems accesing moodle and all the tools
[18:12] crislc Amdahl: but they're a rare few
[18:13] crislc Amdahl: constanza, is there another way that we could post things where you can get to them?
[18:14] GeoffMcG Xi is Offline
[18:14] Yoyo Mah: CC, are you not able to access moodle or just find it confusing or hard to navi?
[18:14] Constanza Corleone: I just changed my network service, so I think Ill be fine by now..
[18:14] crislc Amdahl: can you email me if you still have trouble, constanza?
[18:14] Constanza Corleone: sure!!! thank you soo much!!!
[18:14] crislc Amdahl: I think keeping everyone connected is the most vital element for this group to work
[18:15] Tempus Folsom: Well, last week we talked about age verification as a group project. There are many areas in SL that are called "mature" but there is no way to be sure the residents are indeed 18+ We wanted to educate SL residents about the issue and hand out
[18:15] Yoyo Mah accepted your inventory offer.
[18:15] Constanza Corleone: thats a very interesting subject
[18:15] Constanza Corleone: too
[18:15] Tempus Folsom: cards and start a voluntary program of verifying 18+
[18:15] Constanza Corleone: and how wold you be able to verify?
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[18:15] Tempus Folsom: thats the tricky part
[18:15] Yoyo Mah: that's my question too..
[18:16] Tempus Folsom: Crislc can you explain that?
[18:16] crislc Amdahl: a couple of options
[18:16] GeoffMcG Xi is Online
[18:16] crislc Amdahl: I'm not sure we completely agreed, just that we agreed it should be looked at
[18:16] crislc Amdahl: option 1:
[18:16] crislc Amdahl: lobby Linden Lab to re-establish some kind of age-verification program
[18:16] Yoyo Mah: unless we create a separate RL age-verification service like the one porn industry uses.
[18:16] crislc Amdahl: option 2:
[18:16] crislc Amdahl: use a social-network effect, where you have to be "invited" into a group
[18:17] Yoyo Mah: and then link it to SL through scripting
[18:17] TheChaddling Kuu is Online
[18:17] crislc Amdahl: and then verified by a number of other members
[18:17] crislc Amdahl: option 3: exactly what Yoyo just suggested
[18:17] Tempus Folsom: Education is the easier option. I did question if it was over-reaching to also verify
[18:17] crislc Amdahl: we ruled out option 3 on the grounds that our group wouldn't be able to build it
[18:17] crislc Amdahl: certainly not within the timeline required by teh course
[18:17] GeoffMcG Xi is Offline
[18:18] crislc Amdahl: i think we should keep in mind that it's our effort in the project, and not success or failure, that count
[18:18] Constanza Corleone: of course.. it takes a lot more
[18:18] crislc Amdahl: also, if we start something (say a lobby to LL for a verification service), then others may pick up on it
[18:18] crislc Amdahl: even if the lobby fails miserably, we may still have built a good project
[18:18] crislc Amdahl: (one worth an "A" :-D)
[18:18] Constanza Corleone: I know but we have o set a realistic mind too, we can also set the best project that can be continued
[18:19] crislc Amdahl: our primary goal was to educate other residents in SL
[18:19] crislc Amdahl: and distribute some kind of object that could be used to prove your age
[18:19] crislc Amdahl: not necessarily by a technical restriction, but more like a pink bracelet for breast cancer
[18:19] Tempus Folsom: but if we haven't proven it independently, we cant give out many objects...
[18:19] Constanza Corleone: The improtant thing is that we all contribute in our very special way with all this effort. it touches me how rebecca speaks sometimes about this, and I think all the team deserves to get a lot of good things out of this
[18:20] Yoyo Mah: I got it now. I agree an awareness campaign is probably best and fit right into a class of "making argument".
[18:20] crislc Amdahl: i totally agree with you, constanza
[18:20] crislc Amdahl: I think that there could be two or more prongs to raising awareness
[18:20] crislc Amdahl: one is the actual distribution, and making it a badge of pride
[18:20] crislc Amdahl: ~distribution of an object
[18:20] crislc Amdahl: the other might be raising awareness of the problem, and encouraging a secondary movement to create an age-veri service
[18:21] crislc Amdahl: we might PoC it, but not actually construct it
[18:21] crislc Amdahl: sorry -- PoC == proof of concept
[18:21] crislc Amdahl: everyone clear on the main idea of the project, so far?
[18:21] crislc Amdahl: and tempus -- did I get it all right?
[18:21] Yoyo Mah: yea
[18:21] crislc Amdahl: or leave anything out?
[18:22] Yoyo Mah: Now, let me play devil's advocate here.
[18:22] Tempus Folsom: well, we wanted to be clear we were not moralizing, not against mature content, we just want to be sure only adults are using it
[18:22] Constanza Corleone: jajaj how will you do that
[18:22] crislc Amdahl: good point, tmpus
[18:22] crislc Amdahl: it's really important that we not come off as self-righteous
[18:22] Constanza Corleone: well , i´m sure not going to be profetizing in SL
[18:23] Tempus Folsom: ?
[18:23] Yoyo Mah: do we really have a serious problem here at all? e.g. lots of minors are lurking around "mature' areas?
[18:23] crislc Amdahl: yoyo -- go ahead, destroy the argument :-)
[18:23] Tempus Folsom: we dont kow, with no credit card required it is aquite easy to get an account
[18:24] Constanza Corleone: jajajaja sorry but I mean avatars having sex? I cant possibly imagine someone going onlie to have sex with contol click right mouse
[18:24] crislc Amdahl: actually, there's a thriving sex trade in SL
[18:24] Tempus Folsom: actually it is allpe click
[18:24] Tempus Folsom: apple click
[18:24] crislc Amdahl: i wonder if we can get any data on how much of the GDP...
[18:24] Constanza Corleone: oooooo tempus you know well!!
[18:24] Tempus Folsom: no comment
[18:25] crislc Amdahl: yoyo, to your point:
[18:25] Tempus Folsom: but seriously, it is a huge part of SL
[18:25] Constanza Corleone: i was just kidding
[18:25] Yoyo Mah: crislc.. what's the sex trade?
[18:25] crislc Amdahl: we can't prove it, which might be a precise reason to put some sort of verification in place
[18:25] Tempus Folsom: it is a huge part of the economy in first life too...
[18:25] crislc Amdahl: there are places in SL where you can watch a strip show, for example
[18:25] Constanza Corleone: on avatars?
[18:26] crislc Amdahl: and i odn't mean robots -- I mean people log in as avatars, and then dance with custom animations
[18:26] crislc Amdahl: as well as custom skins for their avatars
[18:26] crislc Amdahl: and all the other accessories
[18:26] Tempus Folsom: no one been to the Archan Free Sex community?
[18:26] crislc Amdahl: there's also a red light district
[18:26] crislc Amdahl: there's a -- what tempus, jus tsaid
[18:27] Yoyo Mah: Well, I was asking the question coz perhaps we need to raise the awareness of SL sex acts .. instead of age verification (that restricts the actions to adult)
[18:27] Tempus Folsom: i only read it for the articles...
[18:27] Constanza Corleone: I cant believe it
[18:27] Constanza Corleone: its just like this whole underground
[18:27] crislc Amdahl: not that far undergound...
[18:27] crislc Amdahl: do a search for places, and check a few
[18:27] Tempus Folsom: I think the awareness is there already...
[18:27] crislc Amdahl: just the descrpitions, or the snapshots in the Search window
[18:27] Constanza Corleone: you have to have lots of sparetime to be around
[18:28] crislc Amdahl: tempus has been around a lot more than I have. I've actually just read a lot of blogs & such about it
[18:28] Constanza Corleone: i dont mean us, I mean the people that actually live a life in here
[18:28] crislc Amdahl: ah. yeah, some people actually make their entire living in SL
[18:28] crislc Amdahl: there's an exchange rate between LInden dollars and real currencies
[18:29] crislc Amdahl: not sure how many...USD and Euro for sure
[18:29] Constanza Corleone: thats amazing!
[18:29] Tempus Folsom: i agree with your statement that a mouse click is nit that exciting but my "research" has shown people are combining it with Skype to have phone sex
[18:29] crislc Amdahl: plus custom animations
[18:29] Constanza Corleone: we should do some collecting for the poor!! im sure there are no things like that
[18:29] crislc Amdahl: you can control your appearance in SL in a way you can't through any RL medium
[18:29] crislc Amdahl: what do you mean, constanza?
[18:30] crislc Amdahl: yoyo, did you have more points to make as well?
[18:30] Tempus Folsom: then there are the attachable body parts/.
[18:30] Yoyo Mah: I am "typing" out loud here...
[18:30] Constanza Corleone: I was saying that there should be like a place where people can conate linden money for african kids too, just as they can watch porn and go for ballrooms.
[18:31] crislc Amdahl: there are, constanza
[18:31] Constanza Corleone: Im sure there is even a temple out there
[18:31] crislc Amdahl: in fact, there was a benefit to raise money for Hurricane Katrina ivctims
[18:31] Yoyo Mah: the problem, as I understand, is to keep minors out.
[18:31] crislc Amdahl: as well as a couple of "Pink Balls" to raise money for breast cancer research
[18:31] Constanza Corleone: that sounds good
[18:31] crislc Amdahl: Tempus and I interviewed a major contributor to the Pink Ball -- moo Money -- for our assignment
[18:32] Yoyo Mah: put it differently, we want to keep the "sex" acts going, as long as they don't involve minors...
[18:32] Yoyo Mah: right?
[18:33] Tempus Folsom: it is a way to keep the predators out of SL, ensuring sex poartners are over 18
[18:34] Yoyo Mah: but, predators could still find minors in "open" areas?
[18:34] Tempus Folsom: of course
[18:34] Constanza Corleone: but let me get something straight, are minors not allowed in SL at all?
[18:35] crislc Amdahl: i think they're supposed to stay out
[18:35] Yoyo Mah: my understanding.. they are welcome
[18:35] crislc Amdahl: there's a special Teens Area
[18:35] Yoyo Mah: the special teen area is strictly to keep us - adults - out
[18:35] Tempus Folsom: with no credit cards req'd,there is no way to tell
[18:35] crislc Amdahl:
[18:35] Constanza Corleone: there should be concerns about kids spendin so many time
[18:35] Eon Berkman is Online
[18:36] Constanza Corleone: who is eon
[18:36] Tempus Folsom: adults too...
[18:36] crislc Amdahl: Users under the age of 18 are prohibited from accessing the Service other than in the area designated by Linden Lab for use by users from 13 through 17 years of age (the "Teen Area"). Users age 18 and older are prohibited from accessing the Teen Area. An
[18:36] crislc Amdahl: Eon is Prof Berkman
[18:36] Tempus Folsom: Eon is prof Nesson
[18:36] crislc Amdahl: heh...that's what I meant :-)
[18:36] Constanza Corleone: Wow!! himself!
[18:37] Tempus Folsom: i can IM him and see if he want sto join us...
[18:37] crislc Amdahl: anyway, to answer Yoyo -- if you are under 18, you are only allowed in the Teen Area
[18:37] Yoyo Mah: but, the way registration is set up, a minor can fake his/her birthday ...
[18:37] crislc Amdahl: we're already at 9:30 EST, so let me ask: do we fundamentally want to re-examine this project concept?
[18:37] crislc Amdahl: and suggest another?
[18:38] Constanza Corleone: I think it is good,
[18:38] Yoyo Mah: I think we're cool. I was just playing devil's advocate ;)
[18:38] Constanza Corleone: and usefull
[18:38] crislc Amdahl: i'm all for it, I just don't want to waste time that we shoudl use for figuring out HOW we're going to do this :-)
[18:38] Yoyo Mah: however, I will try to see if I can sneak into the teen area ;)
[18:39] crislc Amdahl: btw, what is everyone's time zone?
[18:39] crislc Amdahl: Tempus and I are both Eastern Time, USA
[18:39] Yoyo Mah: I am in Central
[18:39] Tempus Folsom: don't get a TOS violation
[18:39] Yoyo Mah: tempus... you think they would know??!! :)
[18:39] Tempus Folsom: no...
[18:39] Constanza Corleone: im not following
[18:39] crislc Amdahl: if you get kicked out of SL, then we have a much harder time meeting
[18:40] crislc Amdahl: but okay, we're all fundamentally agreed on the project
[18:40] crislc Amdahl: and we can all communicate via the wiki and moodle?
[18:40] Constanza Corleone: yes sir
[18:40] crislc Amdahl: (sorry to rush thigns, I just have to take care of something at 10:00 and need my itnernet connection back)
[18:40] Yoyo Mah: yes.. should we put together an more detailed action plan and start working??
[18:41] crislc Amdahl: I think that would be a good idea, yoy
[18:41] crislc Amdahl: ~yoyo
[18:41] Constanza Corleone: is it just four of us?
[18:41] crislc Amdahl: marty is int he group as well, but he seems to have a lot of time conflicts
[18:42] crislc Amdahl: i don't think we should assign him any work unless he's here to commit to it
[18:42] Yoyo Mah: sure.. any take-home assignments before we meet again next week?
[18:42] crislc Amdahl: absolutely
[18:42] crislc Amdahl: :-)
[18:42] crislc Amdahl: becca said the assignment due Monday, Oct 30 would be:
[18:43] crislc Amdahl: "What is at stake in our project?"
[18:43] Constanza Corleone: meaning?
[18:43] crislc Amdahl: she didn't give many more details, but I think it's a question of why other residents should care
[18:44] Constanza Corleone: that sound like an argument
[18:44] crislc Amdahl: the course is aimed at "argument in the court of public opinion"
[18:44] Tempus Folsom: we did talk about the possible legal consequences for a SL resident either knowingly or unknowinngly engaging in some sexual contact with a minor
[18:45] crislc Amdahl: good start. but right now, they can't get caught.
[18:45] Yoyo Mah: right.. the law is quite clear about that
[18:45] crislc Amdahl: or if they do, then they can make a reasonable defense on the grounds that they couldn't tell the difference
[18:45] Constanza Corleone: but what happens if its under itnernational rules?
[18:45] Yoyo Mah: or age-verification actually is a win-win situation for both adults and minors
[18:45] Tempus Folsom: if you added the skype component, is it contributing to the delinquency of a minor?
[18:46] Constanza Corleone: say Im a minor, I am in mexico, you are in USA, whose rule apply? is there an international law?
[18:46] crislc Amdahl: good question, constanza
[18:46] Yoyo Mah: CC, that's really tricky question.
[18:46] crislc Amdahl: if I"m in the USA, I'm subject to USA laws
[18:46] crislc Amdahl: but the suiti would have to be brought by the victim, or by the victim's government
[18:46] Constanza Corleone: but technically you are nowhere
[18:47] Constanza Corleone: you are not performing an ac if you are using avatars
[18:47] crislc Amdahl: my physical body is sitting his butt in Massachusetts, so I"m bound by the law in Massachusetts :-)
[18:47] Tempus Folsom: Sexual tourists they are called in real life, trying to take advantage of other country's laws. They are still subject to US laws if under a US passport
[18:47] Yoyo Mah: crislc.. not necessarily.. US citizens routinely engaged in sex with minors in countries like thailand
[18:48] Eon Berkman is Offline
[18:48] Tempus Folsom: see above
[18:48] Yoyo Mah: but I am not an attorney nor interpol
[18:48] crislc Amdahl: it's a question of where suit is brought -- for example, if USA & Thai citizens, then USA or Thailand jurisdiction
[18:48] crislc Amdahl: but not France
[18:48] crislc Amdahl: even if the server were in France
[18:48] crislc Amdahl: so long as it's been established that the service is a Service Provider
[18:48] crislc Amdahl: (i.e. just a conduit)
[18:48] crislc Amdahl: but I"m not a lawyer either :-)
[18:48] Constanza Corleone: its a good thing to ask
[18:49] Yoyo Mah: either way, I think our campaign will help protect both adults and minors
[18:49] Tempus Folsom: Folks, how can we move forward?
[18:49] Constanza Corleone: ok!!
[18:49] crislc Amdahl: hear hear!
[18:49] crislc Amdahl: we need to have that question answered, but I"m not sure where Becca will post it
[18:50] Yoyo Mah: I like to see us brainstorm strategies/ideas to carry out our compaing...
[18:50] crislc Amdahl: she just leaked it in her weekly announcement email
[18:50] crislc Amdahl: tempus, did you put together that list?
[18:50] Tempus Folsom: i sent an e-mail earlier today, through a moodle posing about M!8, did you get it 9except YoYo)?
[18:50] crislc Amdahl: you had volunteered to post one in Moodle, after last week's meeting
[18:50] crislc Amdahl: yeah, I think I saw that
[18:51] crislc Amdahl: so typical project cycle: 1) What are we trying to accomplish, 2) How are we going to do it, 3) what do we need to pull it off?
[18:51] crislc Amdahl: We've got #1
[18:51] Tempus Folsom: Yo Yo we need to get you officially in the group so you can see the moodle postings
[18:51] crislc Amdahl: I think only gene or Becca can do that...
[18:51] Yoyo Mah: I will get Gene to do that...
[18:52] Yoyo Mah: so, do we already have some concrete ideas on #2?
[18:52] Tempus Folsom: How--through an education campaign targeting the mature areas and help island. With handouts
[18:52] crislc Amdahl: okay, education campaign
[18:52] crislc Amdahl: part of that will be handouts
[18:52] crislc Amdahl: but what are we hadning out?
[18:52] crislc Amdahl: and should we do more than just handouts?
[18:52] crislc Amdahl: I mean, here are a zillion notecards in SL
[18:53] crislc Amdahl: tempus, I kinda liked your machinima idea
[18:53] Tempus Folsom: a position paper, a link to a web site where a poetition can be sined?
[18:53] crislc Amdahl: and yoyo did raise a good point -- we may need to prove to our audience that this is a problem to be addressed
[18:53] crislc Amdahl: is a web site appropriate for this?
[18:53] Yoyo Mah: yes.. :)
[18:54] crislc Amdahl: or should we act only on SL Residents?
[18:54] Constanza Corleone: i personally think that for people to view pornography there should be a a sistem in the us where you can go and verify your age (since you all hace the techonology) and they be able to have access via a USB with your fringerprint or something
[18:54] Constanza Corleone: that way they know who the hell you are
[18:54] Yoyo Mah: it sounds like we are doing a marketing campaing.
[18:54] crislc Amdahl: that's what raising awareness is about :-)
[18:54] Tempus Folsom: yes, trying to get buy-in from SL residents
[18:54] crislc Amdahl: just instead of coca cola, we're marketing our morality
[18:54] Tempus Folsom: not morality
[18:54] crislc Amdahl: constanza -- I don't htink we can build that, although I like the idea
[18:54] Constanza Corleone: if we are talking about citizenry we have to define the basis of it and transmit them
[18:54] Yoyo Mah: sure. so, we can start with a RL website w/ all the info
[18:55] Constanza Corleone: then get people enrolled in the responsabilities
[18:55] Yoyo Mah: and then jam the SL spaces with our "messages"
[18:55] crislc Amdahl: yoyo -- why start with a webpage?
[18:55] crislc Amdahl: why not put together an SL kiosk, for example?
[18:55] Yoyo Mah: we could get the influential SL people to spread our gosper
[18:56] Yoyo Mah: my thinking is we can put as many as kiosks or wall ads that links to the info-web-site
[18:56] Constanza Corleone: I like the idea of a structured campaign
[18:56] crislc Amdahl: what would you put on a website that you wouldn't put in the kiosk itself?
[18:57] Yoyo Mah: maybe it's easier for people to blog
[18:57] Constanza Corleone: involving not just the point of the legal age but the whole thing
[18:57] crislc Amdahl: what do you mean by "whole thing" constanza?
[18:57] Constanza Corleone: about the context of the citizenry
[18:57] Constanza Corleone: to make sure people understand it is just not about sex
[18:57] Yoyo Mah: ...
[18:57] Tempus Folsom: we also talked about gambling. drinking
[18:57] Yoyo Mah: crislc.. it's almost 10.. do you have to run?
[18:57] crislc Amdahl: can you elaborate more constanza?
[18:58] crislc Amdahl: i can go a bit over, i just wanted to make sure we started dealing with stuff before I had to go
[18:58] Tempus Folsom: we shoulkd try and wrap it up
[18:58] crislc Amdahl: in fact, if I can steal the neighbors wireless on my laptop, I might be able to do both things at once
[18:58] Yoyo Mah: way to go crislc!! :)
[18:58] Constanza Corleone: talikng about legal?
[18:58] Constanza Corleone: jaja
[18:58] Constanza Corleone: way to go
[18:59] crislc Amdahl: I was just borrowing it! Honest!
[18:59] crislc Amdahl: (and it's not like they were using it....for anything worthwhile, at least)
[18:59] Constanza Corleone: I know!
[18:59] Yoyo Mah: lol
[18:59] crislc Amdahl: anyway, we have to get. that question answered
[18:59] crislc Amdahl: and posted somewhere
[18:59] Constanza Corleone: I like the idea of the blog
[18:59] Tempus Folsom: would a wiki work?
[18:59] crislc Amdahl: I think a wiki might be a good start
[18:59] crislc Amdahl: a blog is less flexible
[19:00] Constanza Corleone: a wiki sounds great
[19:00] crislc Amdahl: plus we have a wiki area set up, piggybacking on Harvard CyberOne
[19:00] Yoyo Mah: wiki is fine...
[19:00] crislc Amdahl: eventually, we might want something more distinct looking
[19:00] crislc Amdahl: at which point we could look into free space, or something like
[19:01] Tempus Folsom: but what about the age verification part?
[19:01] Yoyo Mah: re: blog. I was thinking to get other SL bloggers to pick up our messages and spread
[19:01] crislc Amdahl: Tempus, can you take the lead on answering Becca's question?
[19:01] crislc Amdahl: maybe start a thread in Moodle?
[19:01] crislc Amdahl: and everyone else commits to add at least one comment to that thread?
[19:01] Yoyo Mah: ok
[19:01] Tempus Folsom: yes, if you post this transcript so I can se what the question is..
[19:01] crislc Amdahl: yoyo, i like that
[19:01] crislc Amdahl: can you research which bloggers you'd like to approach?
[19:01] Tempus Folsom: yes
[19:01] Constanza Corleone: I commit! i promise!
[19:02] crislc Amdahl: yeah, I'll handle the transcript (as usual) :-)
[19:02] Tempus Folsom: muchas gracias, nice to have you back CC
[19:02] crislc Amdahl: constanza, is it possible for you to look into the international ramifications?
[19:02] Tempus Folsom: and nice to have youu on board yoyo
[19:02] crislc Amdahl: and add that to Tempus' discussion thread on Moodle
[19:02] crislc Amdahl: having some real, citable research can't hurt
[19:02] Constanza Corleone: sure?
[19:02] crislc Amdahl: basically, why should you care if you're in Mexico, and they're in the US (or vice-versa)
[19:03] Constanza Corleone: but what do you mean by that?
[19:03] crislc Amdahl: the question is "what is at stake in our project?"
[19:03] Tempus Folsom: i'll work on it
[19:03] crislc Amdahl: which I'm interpreting (and I"ll cehck with becca on that) as "Why should anyone care what our project is about? Why would residents want to get involved?"
[19:03] crislc Amdahl: I think that your point about international residents having different motivations is very significant
[19:03] crislc Amdahl: and would like to address that,in our response to becca at the very least
[19:04] Tempus Folsom: my xyl is getting impatient, been on too long...
[19:04] crislc Amdahl: i think we're about set
[19:04] Yoyo Mah: xyl??
[19:04] Constanza Corleone: surely!!! and more being latinamerican, theres a lot of limitations
[19:04] crislc Amdahl: I'll handle the course wiki
[19:04] crislc Amdahl: and maybe getting some sor tof elementary structure together, for our campaign HQ
[19:04] Yoyo Mah: guys and gal(s), thx for having me ...
[19:04] Tempus Folsom: old Ham radio term -for wife
[19:04] crislc Amdahl: thanks for joining us, yoyo
[19:04] Constanza Corleone: anyime!!! nice seing you yo yo
[19:04] crislc Amdahl: don't forget to follow up with gene & becca, to get on our group in MOodle
[19:05] crislc Amdahl: thanks everyone!
[19:05] Constanza Corleone: have a good one yall!!