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The Good Stuff:

  • Last night I had a conversation with a Bahston guy at my mixed martial arts school about the appropriateness of legislating from the bench.

Today I had a conversation with a WASP guy at law school about the finer points of Harley Davidson motorcycles. 11/7/2006

Dork Confession #1 of Many:

  • I can't get over how much ridiculous glee I get out of listening to the Three Tenors sing Christmas carols. Every time I hear monstrously successful Pavarotti sing "friends are calling oohoo," or Carreras (Seinfeld's "the other guy") say "Behelhem" for Bethlehem, I giggle. It puts me in the real Christmas spirit, where I feel like a kid again and almost want to be nice to people. 11/19/2006


  • Good God in Heaven: I can't take credit for finding this or even being original in recognizing its cheerer-upper potential. If I can manage to post the link, I deserve kudos. My piece of advice though: stick with it until the end. There are gems in there all the way through - you can't afford to skip them. The Hasselhoff Cure 12/1/2006
  • In yet another example of how I pilfer videos from others, I took this one from someone in this very class. But I will put it here as well because since I specifically referred to a cheerer-upper video in the point above this one, I thought it was only proper to disclose all. 12/1/2006

Anything To Say?

Contribute away:

  • It probably shows that people are more complex -- and interesting -- than simple stereotyping would lead you to believe.