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My name is Andy Knopp, and I'm a 3L from Manhattan, Kansas. I enjoy travelling and playing basketball.

Here is a video of me at Oktoberfest this fall, getting kicked out of the Hacker tent for a little stunt that involved putting my buddy on my shoulders so that he could chug a stein of beer while the crowd went nuts. Enjoy! [1]

I am the commissioner for the HLS intramural basketball league, and after learning how to use the wiki in this class, I put together a wiki for the league. [2] So far it has worked out really well, and has inspired me to start thinking about other organizations or situations where a wiki would be useful.

I'm a big sports fan, and I enjoy good writing. I read Bill Simmons [3] on a daily basis, and I check The Brushback [4] for the new issue every week. It's sort of like The Onion for sports.

Final Project