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Radio & Podcast

Monday, October 30 -- "Radio, Podcast, PRX: Taking the ‘Net Ethos Off the Screen"

  • Tentative Guests: Jake Shapiro and Benjamen Walker
  • Reading: TBD
  • Assignments: Make a 2.5 minute recording of your argument in an empathic form; volunteers will be asked to present their recorded oral arguments in class to be workshopped for both the ideas of empathic argument and the methodology for recording them. (NOTE: These recordings are not due in Tuesday's class.)

Tuesday, October 31 -- "Practice Day: Audio Production"

  • Tentative Guest: Colin Rhinesmith
  • Reading: TBD
  • Assignments: TBD

What are Podcasts?

Wikipedia's Podcast article provides an overview, history, and description of the mechanics of podcasting, along with a series of useful links.

Some Popular Podcasts

Lecture Videos

Lecture Notes

Monday lecture notes

Tuesday lecture notes



Public Radio Exchange (PRX)