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[http://www.prx.org Public Radio Exchange (PRX)]

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Radio & Podcast

Monday, October 30 -- "Radio, Podcast, PRX: Taking the ‘Net Ethos Off the Screen"

  • Tentative Guests: Jake Shapiro and Benjamen Walker
  • Reading: TBD
  • Assignments: Make a 2.5 minute recording of your argument in an empathic form; volunteers will be asked to present their recorded oral arguments in class to be workshopped for both the ideas of empathic argument and the methodology for recording them.

Tuesday, October 31 -- "Practice Day: Audio Production"

  • Tentative Guest: Colin Rhinesmith
  • Reading: TBD
  • Assignments: TBD

What are Podcasts?

Wikipedia's Podcast article provides an overview, history, and description of the mechanics of podcasting, along with a series of useful links.

Some Popular Podcasts

Lecture Videos

Lecture Notes

Monday lecture notes

Tuesday lecture notes



Public Radio Exchange (PRX)