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Political Blogs

From the Syllabus

Monday, Oct. 9. Practice Day: Introduction to Video
  • Production Guest: Jason Crow, Cambridge Community Television
Tuesday, Oct. 10. Public Citizen Discourse: Political Blogs and Net Organizing
  • Guests: Professor John Palfrey, Berkman Center for Internet and Society; Dan Gilmore
  • Assignments: none
  • Readings: none

Interesting reading on blogging & politics:

An Irish conference will examine the benefits of political blogging
The Rise of Blogs
Times profile of liberal bloggers on the campaign trail (need to register free w/ nytimes.com)

Some Political Blogs:

Leaning to the Left...

  1. Just to the Left
  2. Daily Kos
  3. Left2Right
  4. Wonkette

...and to the Right.

  1. A Little More to the Right
  2. The Daily Brief: A Military Blog
  3. The Volokh Conspiracy
  4. Ace of Spades HQ