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Political Blogs

From the Syllabus

Monday, Oct. 9. Practice Day: Introduction to Video
  • Production Guest: Jason Crow, Cambridge Community Television

See notes from Jason Crow's guest lecture here.

Tuesday, Oct. 10. Public Citizen Discourse: Political Blogs and Net Organizing
  • Guests: Professor John Palfrey, Berkman Center for Internet and Society; Dan Gilmore
  • Assignments: none
  • Readings: none

Interesting Reading on Blogging & Politics:

The Rise of Blogs
Times profile of liberal bloggers on the campaign trail (need to register free w/ nytimes.com)
An Irish conference will examine the benefits of political blogging
Wikipedia Article on Political Blogs
On the Author Effect: Recovering Collectivity (not about political blogs, but discusses the collective way in which "authorship" is now being performed online; has implications for the power political blogs can and do have)
Interesting discussion of blogs and development

Links to Some Political Blogs:

The list is getting pretty long-- click here to see it, and add any others you read.

Thoughts on Political Blogs

Click here to read our thoughts and add yours. Bonus: Jordan Catalano weighs in!

Video Editing


It might be useful to have some tools or tutorials on video editing, if people are interested. If anyone knows of a good, free video editor for Windows, a link would be great. I understand Jahshaka is powerful, but I haven't been able to figure out how to use it. - ccwalsh