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From the Syllabus

Monday, Nov. 13: Getting Rights Right for Musicians: The Case for Giving Away your Property

Guests: Wayne Marshall and Mike Fricklas

Reading/Listening: TBD

Assignments: TBD

Using music as a case study we make the argument that most musicians stand to benefit, financially and otherwise, by openly sharing their music under a permissive rights system. At the same time we will look for balance in the legal rights which a creator may claim allowing for full choice with minimal coercion beyond the incentives of the new marketplace. We’ll look at the changes currently taking place in terms of music production and music consumption. We’ll also look at the rights systems available.

Tuesday, Nov. 14: TBD

Guests: None

Reading: None

Assignments: TBD

Guest Biographies

Wayne Marshall is "an ethnomusicologist by training, an MC/DJ/producer by calling, and a blogger by choice." You can read about him here and here. Check out his blog here. Note the reference to Professor Nesson's appearance on YouTube. After appearing in our class, Wayne will be at the Enormous Room with DJ C and DJ Flack and their distinguished guest, DJ Rugged One. The Enormous Room is at 567 Mass Ave. in Cambridge and the show is 10-1 with no cover.

Music and IP Rights

Slashdot posted an interesting article on how a key feature of Microsoft's new portable media player, Zune, may violate the now ubiqutous Creative Commons license, on which many wikis are based.

File Sharing Programs