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Welcome to the Weeks Pages for CyberOne: Law in the Court of Public Opinion. These pages will primarily be maintained by the Harvard Law School students enrolled in the course, but, as is customary with a Wiki, are available for anyone to edit. There will be (at least) one page for each week of the course. On these pages you can expect to find a presentation of all of the material from the particular week of the course including the video of the lecture (once it is available), notes from the class meeting, summaries and discussions of the readings, and more. We invite everyone to engage in open discussion of the week's materials on the discussion page for a given week.

Law Student Sign-Up

As an ongoing experience in collective authorship, we ask that law students enrolled in the class sign up for responsibility for a particular week of the class. Signing up for a week means that you become an owner (in an abstract sense) of the material for that week. It is your responsibility to grow and shepherd the week page for that week and ideally to moderate the discussion that takes place on the discussion page for the week. We ask that you begin generating content for your week page, starting with a summary and discussion of the week's readings, as soon as possible and certainly in advance of the week in question. That way your fellow students will have a helpful resource when doing the readings for that week and a structured environment in which to ask questions or give comments on their reactions to the readings.

Please sign up for a week here. (Try to get the groups fairly evenly sized for all weeks. If necessary, feel free to add a slot for yourself on week.):