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I currently live with my wife, Gunhild, in Trondheim, Norway, and we are both very concerned with Free Software and Free Culture (as well as ecology and international politics). I first discovered Richard Stallman and the GNU philosophy after installing my first GNU/Linux distribution, Ubuntu, april last year. This was a revolution/revelation for me, as the philosophy of Free Software coincide to a large extent to my ideas for how a society should be. Upon joining the FSF a short time later, I recieved a complimentary copy of Lawrence Lessig's Free Culture and have been using free licenses ever since (mostly CC Attribution-ShareAlike).

In my past I have been doing different things; culturally from animation to poetry to rock, and monetarily from fish-sorting to kindergardening to webcoding. For the time being, I earn most of my money as a webdesigner for Plasus Technologies (, a company providing energy-saving solutions for controlling your home through the internet, and try to find time for my studies (which this semester happen to be related to free software) between all my projects. Previously, I have studied literature, practical animation, philosophy, film and modernist art, as well as some Italian and French, mostly at the University of Trondheim, NTNU. Some of my present projects include:

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