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My name is Marcio

I graduated in Business at UFPR (Federal University of Parana - Brazil) in 2001. I've been working as a tax advisor for Big Five (Four) companies since 1999 (first Arthur Andersen then Deloitte and now Ernst & Young).

Why am I interested ?

But even with the hudge amount of work they make us do in that business I found time to keep me up to date with the information technology and the social consequences of it. I even took a two year break in my career 2004/2005 to dedicate myself to the internet issues I find so amazing. I'm not such an intensive "Second Life" human being, I'm more like an observer of the interaction between companies, people and software.

What am I doing here?

I think this course fits me very well and that it will help me introduce myself into a new career. And I'm very excited about being able to watch and participate at this level of interaction. I hope I can be of any use to you with a tropical-third world-non English speaker-non trillion dollar economy-Latin perspective of the subject. I really want to help!

I hope you forgive me my English. Since it is not my first language I fear that sometimes I may sound rude to you, it would be totally unintentional.

Final wish

Please, don't imagine me speaking with a Spanic accent. I speak Portuguese!