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This is a link to our group project on [[Political Blogs]].
This is a link to our group project on [[Political Blogs]].
This is a link to my op-ed project on [[Designer Babies]].
This is a link to my op-ed project on [[Designer Babies]].
This is a link to my letter to Dean Kagan regarding the [[puddle gauntlet]].

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Kenneth Garrett is a third year student at Harvard Law School. Fro!.JPG

Early years

Kenny was born on October 22, 1979 in Arcadia, CA. He has one older sister, Michele, and one younger sister, Kelly. He attended Arcadia High School, doing his best to fulfill the stereotype of the maniacally over-extended Ivy-bound teenager. From his earliest years, his favorite activity was to waterski, preferably at Bass Lake, CA or Lake Havasu, AZ.


Kenny made what in retrospect seems to have been a ludicrously risky decision to apply only to California colleges. In the end, it came down to Cal and Stanford. When he visited Stanford it was a rainy day, and his tour guide had just broken up with his girlfriend. The next day, at Berkeley, it was sunny and the best people from his high school took him on a fantastically upbeat tour. Kenny was so sure he was going to Cal that he bought an expensive Cal jacket and pulled his early application out of Stanford, figuring they'd throw it away.

Lo and behold, he was accepted to Stanford, and decided to give it one more try. He attended Admit Weekend, and it was paradise. He still feels physically ill when he thinks of what a huge mistake he almost made. His Cal jacket was given to his sister's ex-boyfriend when he went to Boalt, and his parents rued their decision to buy a camper when they thought they would only have to pay in-state tuition at a UC.

Kenny spent four wonderful years at Stanford, serving as Treasurer of the now-defunct Stanford Waterski Team and as an RA his junior year, among other things. He did a brief stint at Magdalen College, Oxford, and graduated with a B.A. in International Relations with a History minor in June 2002.

The "Time Off" Years

After college, Kenny moved to an historic house on the beach in rural Half Moon Bay, CA with his college buddies. When he wasn't watching the sun set over the Pacific from the hot tub, he worked as a life guard and swim instructor in Menlo Park, CA and as a Sports Editor of the Stanford Daily's weekly summer edition.

With tan skin and a sun-bleached fro, he shipped himself off to Edinburgh, Scotland, where he would spend a year as a Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholar. His host families lived in a 1730's church that had been converted into a house in the Borders area of the country, where he spent many a weekend traipsing through the hills, drinking whiskey and dancing traditional ceilidh dances in the kilt his parents had made for him out of the McRae clan tartan. While there, he studied at the New College Divinity School of the University of Edinburgh.

The following summer, Kenny served as a waterski instructor, boat driver and lifeguard at Young Life's Saranac Village, a ridiculously luxurious camp for high school students on Saranac Lake in the Adirondacks of upstate New York. This camp still ranks as Kenny's #1 favorite place in the world.

Kenny then moved back into his parents' house for the first time in five years. He worked at his father's law firm while he applied to law school, but spent most of the year volunteering for the local Young Life group in neighboring San Marino, CA and substitute teaching at San Marino High School and his own alma mater, Arcadia High.

Law School

Kenny enrolled at Harvard Law School in 2004. He was a member of the mighty and ubiquitous Section 5, affectionately known as the Saucy Intruders (so named because of the particularly hilarious choice of words in one of the first property cases they read, Pierson v. Post).

He spent his first summer working on special education issues at Los Angeles's Public Counsel Law Center, the largest pro bono law office in the world.

During his second year, he became a tour guide and travelling representative for the Harvard Law School admissions department, a pre-law non-residential tutor affiliated with Harvard College's Lowell House, and a Teaching Fellow for Michael Sandel's extremely popular moral philosophy class at Harvard College known as Moral Reasoning 22: Justice.

Future Plans

After an invigorating 2L interviewing season, he chose to spend his second summer at the Century City office of O'Melveny & Myers LLP. He is so excited by the prospect of daily 3-hour lunches at Beverly Hills' poshest restaurants and a 9-5 schedule for the rest of his career that he has decided to join the transactional group after graduation, where he will focus on entertainment issues.

This is a link to my Online Journal for the CyberOne class. This is a link to our group project on Political Blogs. This is a link to my op-ed project on Designer Babies. This is a link to my letter to Dean Kagan regarding the puddle gauntlet.