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  • Name: Esmond Kane
  • NickName: Ezi
  • Avatar: Pere Utu
  • Academic Status: Undergrad and Overhere
  • Class interests:
    • Intellectual Property and Copyright
      • Bayh-Dole, the Great Firewall and the McBigBrother
      • 1923, 1984: Of oncomice, Di$ney and Sonny Bono
      • Scientology and Mormons. Freedom, Censorship and Databases
    • DRM, Assumed-Piracy and Software-Libre
      • Sampling, the judiciary and caseload necessity
      • Technology and Economic Incentivization
      • The Home Theatre, hive of rampant criminal activity or digital-hearth and frontier?
    • MMO-etc in the First vs Third World
      • Castronova's Virtual Property and Zittrain's Generative Internet
      • Lanier's "Digital Maoism" and Wale's/Negroponte's "Empowered, Unwashed"
      • The Horde at the Gate: eGold and unchecked Digital-Economic growth
    • Flash-Mobs, Swarming and Groupthink. Novelty and Originality alas?
      • IPv6, the hum less travelled?
      • The Perpetual September monopoly. Vista, the precipice and the monoculture
      • Wiki's? Is that the small furry guys in Return of the Jedi?
    • Silicon snake-oil and the Singularity
      • Darknets, Spooks, Terrorists and Ben Franklin. Dropboxes and Duct Tape.
      • Mesh Networking, Tor and Shawn Fanning. One MySpace/llama Per Child.
      • Google: Flying Chairs and dancing monkeyboys
    • The MMORPG Treadmill, when is Gold-Mining Labour? Opportunity and Online Rights
    • Desktop Trenchwarfare: zombies want my brains/credit-card. The Security vs Malware Arms Race
  • Work: Corporate/Rat-Race Refugee from HealthCare and Accounting, currently Sys-Admin in the Harvard Art Museums
  • Misc: Co-Admin the Harvard Forge

You can read my Spring06 LSTU-E120 midterm paper on iTunesU here (synopsis: DRM and Archiving are fundamentally incompatible) and my final paper on NetNeutrality here (synopsis: ISP bitstream intrusion invalidates the Safe Harbour rationale). You can read my final paper for MUSI-E145 on "The Orb's Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld" here. I (may) be speaking in Novembers B School Cyberposium on Open Source.

Note: Ultraworld is being actively edited so go to the history to see the "ezi" edits.

Moodle Description: Whet my appetite with the Sinclair Spectrum, Vic 20 and Amiga in the 80s before discovering VAX, AIX, SUNOS and JANET and GOPHER. BBS and MUDder of old, occassional DAoC and WoW Shard player (more of a tourist really these days). Picked up an NDS at Xmas. I've enjoyed hacking and programming for it but need a new toy these days, maybe the new Mindstorms...