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  • Name: Esmond Kane, Ezi
  • Academic Status: Undergrad/Overhere
  • Class interests:
    • Intellectual Property and Copyright
    • DRM, Assumed-Piracy and Software-Libre
    • Technology and Economic Incentivization
    • MMO-etc in the First vs Third World
    • Silicon snake-oil and the Singularity
    • Lanier's "Digital Maoism" and Wale's/Negroponte's "Empowered Unwashed"
    • The MMORPG Treadmill/Labour, Gold-Miners, Racism and unchecked Digital-Economic growth
    • Castronova's Virtual Property and Zittrain's Generative Internet
  • Admin of the Harvard Forge [1]
  • Sys-Admin in the Harvard Art Museums