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* '''Name:''' Esmond Kane, Ezi
* '''Name:''' Esmond Kane
* '''NickName:''' Ezi
* '''Academic Status:''' Undergrad and Overhere
* '''Academic Status:''' Undergrad and Overhere
* '''Class interests:'''  
* '''Class interests:'''  

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  • Name: Esmond Kane
  • NickName: Ezi
  • Academic Status: Undergrad and Overhere
  • Class interests:
    • Intellectual Property and Copyright
    • DRM, Assumed-Piracy and Software-Libre
      • Sampling, the judiciary and caseload necessity
      • Technology and Economic Incentivization
      • The Home Theatre, hive of rampant criminal activity or digital-hearth?
    • MMO-etc in the First vs Third World
      • Castronova's Virtual Property and Zittrain's Generative Internet
      • Lanier's "Digital Maoism" and Wale's/Negroponte's "Empowered Unwashed"
      • The Horde at the Gate: eGold and unchecked Digital-Economic growth
    • Flash-Mobs, Swarming and Groupthink. Novelty and Originality?
    • Silicon snake-oil and the Singularity
    • The MMORPG Treadmill, when is Gold-Mining Labour? Opportunity and online Rights
    • Desktop Trenchwarfare: zombies want my brains/credit-card. The Security vs Malware Arms Race
  • Work: Sys-Admin in the Harvard Art Museums
  • Misc: Admin of the Harvard Forge [1]

You can read my Spring06 LSTU-E120 midterm paper on iTunesU here (synopsis: DRM and Archiving are fundamentally incompatible) and my final paper on NetNeutrality here (synopsis: ISP bitstream intrusion invalidates the Safe Harbour rationale). You can read my final paper for MUSI-E145 on "The Orb's Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld" here. Note: Ultraworld is being actively edited so go to the history to see the "ezi" edits.