Thursday 7pm Chatlog 20061130

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[17:00]  Frappe Lapointe is Online
[17:01]  Yvette Kumsung: where do you type in skype
[17:01]  Yvette Kumsung: darlings, you need new computers
[17:02]  Yvette Kumsung: gene sounds exactly what he looks like. does that make sense?
[17:03]  Steve Lapointe: I was just i the classroom
[17:03]  GeneKoo Li: chat's working?
[17:03]  Yvette Kumsung: she always comes in when i'm dressing
[17:03]  Yvette Kumsung: his wife
[17:03]  Frappe Lapointe: WHo comes in while you are dressing
[17:03]  Frappe Lapointe: poh
[17:04]  Frappe Lapointe: That is awesome
[17:04]  GeneKoo Li: frappe i have to say when you're sitting your outfit is, um, revealing?
[17:04]  Frappe Lapointe: oh no
[17:04]  Yvette Kumsung: ah
[17:04]  Yvette Kumsung: let's keep it that way
[17:05]  Yvette Kumsung: we don't want to leave evidence~
[17:05]  Frappe Lapointe: Yes we do
[17:05]  Frappe Lapointe: Steve why are you here?
[17:05]  GeneKoo Li: No offense
[17:05]  Frappe Lapointe: of course not
[17:05]  Frappe Lapointe: just wondering
[17:05]  Steve Lapointe: I thought we had a group meeting tonight...?
[17:06]  GeneKoo Li: we're on skype in case you thought we were being weird
[17:06]  Frappe Lapointe: yes but are you with 7 om group
[17:06]  USA Brody: cannot get the mic to work
[17:06]  Steve Lapointe: 8:00 so I thought
[17:06]  Steve Lapointe: EST
[17:07]  Frappe Lapointe: arn't well this is the 7 Pm EST
[17:07]  USA Brody: The mic does not work with a mac
[17:07]  USA Brody: yesh.
[17:07]  Yvette Kumsung: :(
[17:07]  USA Brody: no. G5
[17:07]  USA Brody: Comp lab on church street
[17:07]  USA Brody: where are teh mic's
[17:07]  USA Brody: the
[17:07]  Steve Lapointe: Frappe, aren't we in the same group? I must be working to hard..
[17:07]  USA Brody: on the G5?
[17:08]  GeneKoo Li: check with suppor tthere?
[17:08]  USA Brody: I did
[17:08]  GeneKoo Li: sux
[17:08]  USA Brody: they said sorry
[17:08]  USA Brody: yeha .
[17:08]  GeneKoo Li: SUXX0RZ
[17:08]  Yvette Kumsung: (we were trying to avoid that)
[17:08]  Yvette Kumsung: aha
[17:09]  Yvette Kumsung: penguin has gone eggsitting
[17:09]  Yvette Kumsung: so the lips move?
[17:09]  Yvette Kumsung: woa
[17:10]  Yvette Kumsung: i checked it out and everyone looked the same so i sort of got disinterested
[17:11]  Yvette Kumsung: wait did you check the stuff I put in the wiki?
[17:11]  Yvette Kumsung: i updated it with the things becca advised
[17:12]  USA Brody: I thought it was more narrowed down than that.
[17:12]  Yvette Kumsung: we have to assign what people should be doing in the next few days
[17:12]  USA Brody: yes. exactly
[17:12]  Yvette Kumsung: it is more narrowed down than that
[17:12]  USA Brody: we worked on this with becca extesively
[17:12]  USA Brody: extensively
[17:12]  GeneKoo Li: so what is the actual project itself, what are you doing?
[17:12]  Yvette Kumsung: there were two sessions that we held with becca
[17:12]  USA Brody: yes. exactly.
[17:13]  Yvette Kumsung: yes
[17:13]  USA Brody: both of which we worked on the thesis
[17:13]  Frappe Lapointe: yes
[17:13]  USA Brody: narrowing down of
[17:13]  USA Brody: so. I nominate Yvette to delegate the work as our leader
[17:13]  Yvette Kumsung: Um, did you see the last group session?
[17:14]  Frappe Lapointe: yes
[17:14]  Frappe Lapointe: and that is one of the peice we are working on now
[17:14]  Yvette Kumsung: I thought it was identified
[17:14]  USA Brody: well. in the meetings yvetted and I were in. we moved forward with the thesis.
[17:14]  USA Brody: frappe too
[17:14]  GeneKoo Li: yvette, usa, what did you discuss
[17:14]  USA Brody: brein
[17:14]  GeneKoo Li: brein?
[17:14]  Yvette Kumsung: that was one of the problems we discussed in the previous one
[17:14]  USA Brody: yes. precisely.
[17:14]  Yvette Kumsung: that other sounds could conflict with ongoing chats
[17:15]  Yvette Kumsung: yeah
[17:15]  USA Brody: I thought the text was posted on the wiki
[17:16]  Yvette Kumsung: Things were lost on Moodle, but we updated things on the public wiki
[17:16]  USA Brody: right. lets nominate a leader to delegate the work
[17:16]  USA Brody: Yvette!
[17:16]  USA Brody: Frappe
[17:16]  USA Brody: Esmond
[17:16]  Yvette Kumsung: One of the problems we've had is that in the past few sessions, not all of our members have been present
[17:16]  Frappe Lapointe: That is fine
[17:17]  Yvette Kumsung: so the groups have never been complete
[17:17]  USA Brody: Yvette I nominate you to be our official leader. All in favor say EYE!
[17:17]  Yvette Kumsung: So if one is missing, then someone else is missing, etc.
[17:17]  USA Brody: EYE!
[17:17]  USA Brody: the EYE's have it
[17:18]  Yvette Kumsung: Nono, the point is that we had the thesis
[17:18]  Yvette Kumsung: and we have decided on making a room
[17:18]  USA Brody: great
[17:18]  Yvette Kumsung: with a streaming audio box
[17:18]  USA Brody: this is a problem right now
[17:18]  Yvette Kumsung: that demonstrates how voice is used in a real-world situation
[17:19]  USA Brody: Dr.
[17:19]  Yvette Kumsung: so various voice tracks will be combined into one track
[17:19]  GeneKoo Li: what do you mean "various" and "combined"
[17:19]  Yvette Kumsung: like for instance, now you can hear typing and talking at the same time
[17:19]  Yvette Kumsung: so from the sound box, you will hear those two sounds
[17:20]  USA Brody: Gene Koo!
[17:20]  USA Brody: are you still here!
[17:20]  Yvette Kumsung: and for instance, in group talks, we can have streams where a lot of people are
[17:20]  GeneKoo Li: that sounds pretty clear what you are doing
[17:20]  GeneKoo Li: no your audio is fine
[17:20]  Yvette Kumsung: talking at the same time and people don't understand each other
[17:20]  GeneKoo Li: would htis be scripted or "real"?
[17:21]  USA Brody: Gene. Do you want to be in our group?
[17:21]  Yvette Kumsung: the thing we have to do now is decide who records which track and who will do the final sound editing
[17:21]  Yvette Kumsung: We already have built the physical room
[17:21]  GeneKoo Li: (i can help the group but I can't be in the group)
[17:21]  Frappe Lapointe: Okay
[17:21]  GeneKoo Li: So what needs to be done now?
[17:21]  USA Brody: gene. I can't hear you
[17:21]  GeneKoo Li: r u on track?
[17:22]  Yvette Kumsung: we also have to designate who we want to represent
[17:22]  GeneKoo Li: scripting it isn't disasterous, either
[17:22]  GeneKoo Li: u have more control and can make your exact point
[17:22]  GeneKoo Li: i mean, scripting a dialogue
[17:22]  GeneKoo Li: or the words that ppl say
[17:23]  GeneKoo Li: since it sounds like you want more than just a dialogue?
[17:23]  Yvette Kumsung: having translucent text boxes hanging in mid-air?
[17:23]  GeneKoo Li: yeah it'd be nice if SL allowed agents wouldn't it
[17:23]  USA Brody: one question on grading. How is everything going to be weighted? Any idea Gene?
[17:23]  GeneKoo Li: then you could have the agents talking and illustrating the situation quite nicely
[17:23]  USA Brody: I agree
[17:23]  GeneKoo Li: tho i suppose you could use abstract shapes
[17:23]  GeneKoo Li: sure
[17:24]  GeneKoo Li: if u meet on sunday I can be there, if u think i can help
[17:24]  GeneKoo Li: u should meet asap :) and not wait for me
[17:24]  Yvette Kumsung: We're not going to get anywhere if we go on with ifs
[17:25]  GeneKoo Li: r there specific tasks ppl can do in the meantime?
[17:25]  Frappe Lapointe: Can we all meet tomorrow?
[17:25]  Frappe Lapointe: not you Gene of course
[17:25]  Yvette Kumsung: Why don't I list specific tasks and we can all sign up our names next to the list and edit the list
[17:25]  GeneKoo Li: yay!
[17:25]  Frappe Lapointe: sounds good
[17:25]  Frappe Lapointe: to me
[17:25]  GeneKoo Li: ok g/l guys
[17:26]  Yvette Kumsung: hehe
[17:26]  Frappe Lapointe: DId we all lose connection earlier
[17:26]  Yvette Kumsung: Frappe do you work for Skype?
[17:26]  Frappe Lapointe: No
[17:26]  Frappe Lapointe: I know work for GE
[17:26]  Frappe Lapointe: I used to work fro Vivox
[17:27]  Yvette Kumsung: O I see
[17:27]  Frappe Lapointe: Vivox is a great too
[17:27]  Frappe Lapointe: and you can download for free
[17:28]  GeneKoo Li: so frappe you are being traitorous tonite
[17:28]  USA Brody: what time do you want to me?
[17:28]  USA Brody: meet?
[17:28]  Frappe Lapointe: No I am not longer work for Vivox
[17:28]  Frappe Lapointe: but will plug them for ever
[17:28]  USA Brody: I can arange to have a mic
[17:28]  Yvette Kumsung: ha
[17:28]  GeneKoo Li: mic = $5
[17:28]  GeneKoo Li: *duck*
[17:29]  USA Brody: I have a mic
[17:29]  USA Brody: just not here
[17:29]  USA Brody: I am okay
[17:29]  USA Brody: what time
[17:29]  Yvette Kumsung: 7?
[17:29]  Yvette Kumsung: ok