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[17:26]  Frappe Lapointe: is the way to go
[17:26]  Frappe Lapointe: is the way to go
[17:26]  Frappe Lapointe: nice velvet green dress
[17:26]  Frappe Lapointe: nice velvet green dress
[17:26]  Frappe Lapointe: you will look lovely
[17:27]  Yvette Kumsung: Or maybe certain dialects will develop depending on the region
[17:27]  You: i think a velvet dress will make my hips look big
[17:27]  You: i have my mothers thighs
[17:27]  Yvette Kumsung: So do I. Only they're huge

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[16:19]  Rebecca Berkman: i am sure a lot of people are interested, but somehow it doesn't always translate into actual attendance.
[16:19]  You: sry i'm late!
[16:19]  You: u the only one here?
[16:20]  Blaise Syaka: no worries - I saw yvette leave a short while ago
[16:20]  You: k
[16:20]  Blaise Syaka: flew off...but she can see that we're here
[16:20]  You: k, should be convene somewhere to chat?
[16:21]  Blaise Syaka: sure - I think that is a professor from another course down there, so maybe Austin Hall
[16:21]  Blaise Syaka: in front of it...so we can be seen
[16:22]  You: frappe and yvette are in the sandbox, we go there?
[16:22]  Blaise Syaka: sure
[16:23]  Toby1 Idler: Jesy christ what is that? A giant praying mantis????
[16:23]  falldeaf Weeks: Okie, I made these two thingys to demonstrate communication between objects, which is very useful, but also helps demonstrate the event based nature of LSL scripting
[16:23]  falldeaf Weeks: No Dancer, this is something I made just before class
[16:23]  Object: Everyone change color!
[16:23]  Object: Everyone change color!
[16:24]  falldeaf Weeks: It's not complicated, but clicking the button will change the color of the insect
[16:24]  Object: Everyone change color!
[16:24]  Object: Everyone change color!
[16:24]  falldeaf Weeks: It's done using the listen event
[16:24]  Dancer Morris: the box is sending chat to the insect?
[16:24]  Object: Everyone change color!
[16:24]  Object: Everyone change color!
[16:25]  Yvette Kumsung: follow the yellow brick road
[16:26]  No room to sit here, try another spot.
[16:26]  Yvette Kumsung: haha dibs
[16:27]  Blaise Syaka: no worries
[16:27]  Blaise Syaka: so how is the project research going?
[16:27]  Frappe Lapointe: Thank you for seat
[16:28]  Frappe Lapointe: Look progress was made last week
[16:29]  Frappe Lapointe: Yvette are you taking pictures
[16:29]  You: had idea for voice problem demonstration
[16:29]  Yvette Kumsung: yuo
[16:29]  Yvette Kumsung: yes
[16:29]  You: like the schizo sim
[16:29]  You: random voices conflicting
[16:30]  You: random comments
[16:30]  Frappe Lapointe: You mean voice over lappinh
[16:30]  Frappe Lapointe: lapping
[16:30]  You: 'zakly
[16:30]  Yvette Kumsung: I think that would be a huge prblem
[16:30]  Yvette Kumsung: Especially in heavily populated areas
[16:30]  Frappe Lapointe: yes it can be
[16:30]  Yvette Kumsung: Maybe they would have to reduce the radius of the hearing distance
[16:30]  You: we can also touch upon the language conflicts
[16:31]  You: tone, volume etc
[16:31]  Yvette Kumsung: Isn't English the official language?
[16:31]  Yvette Kumsung: Oh I see
[16:31]  You: i think we're expected to build something as part of the project
[16:31]  Frappe Lapointe: what if they also had voice fonts available
[16:31]  You: big "voice" gallery
[16:31]  You: could also be a nice demo
[16:32]  Frappe Lapointe: like a meeting place with voice
[16:32]  Yvette Kumsung: what would be the point if it weren't your own voice?
[16:32]  Frappe Lapointe: that as a probelm
[16:32]  Yvette Kumsung: Would we choose from a template of voices?
[16:32]  Blaise Syaka: how do we integrate freedom of speech with overlapping voices?
[16:32]  You: not so much confronting every possibility with voice
[16:32]  Frappe Lapointe: well if no one can hear
[16:32]  Yvette Kumsung: Everyone will be talking at the same time, sounds chaotic to me
[16:33]  You: just to demonstrate what happens if it goes wrong
[16:33]  Frappe Lapointe: than how do you get your point across
[16:33]  You: i assumed we would use text plates in each room
[16:33]  Blaise Syaka: ok, I see that
[16:33]  You: like a real gallery
[16:33]  Frappe Lapointe: hello regent
[16:33]  ThinkerWu Regent: Helllo
[16:33]  Yvette Kumsung: Maybe it would be best to have specific voice-enabled zones
[16:33]  You: each room demonstrates a different part of our thesis
[16:34]  Frappe Lapointe: we are in our meeting
[16:34]  ThinkerWu Regent: Ok have a good time, see you.
[16:34]  Frappe Lapointe: a
[16:34]  Yvette Kumsung: I'm not sure I get the room concept
[16:34]  Yvette Kumsung: Could you elaborate?
[16:35]  You: lets say we must construct a SL object to represent our project
[16:35]  You: imagine a museum
[16:35]  You: each room represents a part of our argument
[16:35]  You: when you go into the room, we bombard you with different sound to make our point
[16:35]  Frappe Lapointe: voices
[16:36]  You: yes
[16:36]  Frappe Lapointe: or just sound (music)
[16:36]  Frappe Lapointe: okay
[16:36]  Yvette Kumsung: Oh I see you're talking about the actual presentation
[16:36]  You: project is voice and censorship/expression
[16:36]  You: yep
[16:36]  You: "physical" demonstration
[16:37]  You: justa athought, doesn't move the project forward
[16:37]  Yvette Kumsung: Don't you think, however, that it would be too technically demanding?
[16:37]  You: just an idea for the project presentation
[16:37]  Yvette Kumsung: It's a good idea, I just don't know if I could be able to script that well
[16:38]  Yvette Kumsung: using voice integration in the scripts
[16:38]  Yvette Kumsung: Anyways
[16:38]  You: i was thinking more sound samples rather than live voice
[16:38]  You: so it would be like the streaming boxes we see around
[16:38]  Frappe Lapointe: ah
[16:38]  Frappe Lapointe: okay that makes more sense
[16:38]  You: v little scripting
[16:39]  Frappe Lapointe: I was thinking we would be going from room to room with our mics on yelling at each other
[16:39]  Yvette Kumsung: I didn't know building was part of the assignment (sigh)
[16:39]  Frappe Lapointe: :)
[16:39]  You: lol
[16:39]  Yvette Kumsung: haha
[16:40]  You: i'm guessing its why they are giving the building and scripting classes
[16:40]  You: prolly not mandatory
[16:40]  Frappe Lapointe: But would be cool if we could do ti
[16:40]  Blaise Syaka is Offline
[16:40]  Yvette Kumsung: Since we have several sub-categories, do you think we should narrow down our topic, or work generally and touch lightly on the few subtopics
[16:41]  You: narrow i would think, unless we can delegate the subcategories
[16:41]  Frappe Lapointe: I think we should narrow
[16:41]  Blaise Syaka is Online
[16:41]  You: nearly robbed ur seat Blaise
[16:41]  You: ):
[16:42]  Yvette Kumsung: I think the faster we get a narrowed-down thesis statement the better
[16:42]  Blaise Syaka: sorry about that...my computer was really slow, so I had to reboot
[16:42]  Yvette Kumsung: Actually, i think SL is a bit lagging after their upgrade
[16:42]  Frappe Lapointe: I agree
[16:42]  Blaise Syaka: good to know
[16:42]  You: okay, so finite thesis by Monday
[16:42]  Yvette Kumsung: My computer is brand new and still it took time to get the program up and going
[16:42]  You: same here
[16:43]  Blaise Syaka: btw team...how much 'law' are we looking to include, or should we go 'tech'?
[16:43]  You: its a liberal law class, so more theory than case based?
[16:43]  Yvette Kumsung: I don't think it matters for the Extension students, but William looked very intent on getting the law aspect into the project
[16:44]  You: yep
[16:44]  Blaise Syaka: okay...I'm fine either way, but law is easier for me.
[16:44]  Yvette Kumsung: (ha, naturally) :)
[16:44]  Frappe Lapointe: Me to
[16:44]  Blaise Syaka: grin
[16:44]  You: tech here
[16:45]  Yvette Kumsung: I really don't have a preference. I'm fine with both
[16:45]  Frappe Lapointe: I like both aspects, know more about tech than law but I am game
[16:45]  Frappe Lapointe: for either
[16:45]  Frappe Lapointe: you know we can start with both
[16:46]  Frappe Lapointe: and move them together
[16:46]  You: i would have liked some feedback on our project proposal
[16:46]  You: how about we approach becca/gene to get that answer?
[16:46]  Frappe Lapointe: Can not hurt
[16:46]  Yvette Kumsung: I think they're very busy in getting back on assignments
[16:47]  Yvette Kumsung: But I'm sure if we ask them separately they'll give us some advice
[16:47]  Frappe Lapointe: I think that would be fine also
[16:48]  You: i have to go to berkman tomorrow to pick up some video, i'll ask them if they're there
[16:48]  Blaise Syaka: sounds good
[16:48]  Frappe Lapointe: perfect
[16:48]  You: do we have a group meet later?
[16:48]  You: large group?
[16:48]  Frappe Lapointe: No
[16:49]  You: whew
[16:49]  Frappe Lapointe: I do not think so
[16:49]  You: i could do with a break
[16:49]  Yvette Kumsung: So should we post what topics we want to do and then vote on them?
[16:50]  You: thats sounds awesome
[16:50]  Blaise Syaka: ok
[16:50]  Yvette Kumsung: We should set a date or something
[16:51]  You: thesis by monday, categories by friday
[16:51]  You: draft category 1 week later
[16:51]  You: draft of category
[16:51]  Yvette Kumsung: how can a thesis come before a category?
[16:51]  You: thesis maps the arguments
[16:52]  You: or sometimes the arguments mpa the thesis
[16:52]  You: can work either way
[16:52]  You: all a thesis is, is a map to your categories followed by 1 conclusive argument?
[16:53]  Blaise Syaka: so we'll see what gene and becca say tomorrow and take it from there?
[16:53]  Blaise Syaka: that could save us some headaches...
[16:53]  Frappe Lapointe: true
[16:54]  You: to clarify, what we want to do is to weight law and tech?
[16:54]  Yvette Kumsung: I think so
[16:54]  Frappe Lapointe: Yes
[16:54]  Blaise Syaka: that and whether the scope of the project was correct
[16:55]  Blaise Syaka: we suggested voice and censorship
[16:55]  Frappe Lapointe: If it can not be as broad as that and has to relate to law over tech than we may need to change
[16:55]  Frappe Lapointe: or avenue
[16:56]  Frappe Lapointe: our that was
[16:56]  Blaise Syaka: if they say tech, then we focus on voice...if they say law, we focus on censorship. ^_~
[16:57]  You: k, just posted this transcript into our wiki
[16:57]  You: the public one
[16:57]  Frappe Lapointe: not to be a pain but you can censor voice, yes?
[16:57]  Yvette Kumsung: that's a good idea
[16:58]  You: like a radio or tv *beep*?
[16:58]  Frappe Lapointe: yes
[16:58]  Frappe Lapointe: or muting
[16:58]  Yvette Kumsung: isn't that only if you have screened in prior to broadcasting?
[16:58]  Frappe Lapointe: like with some voice chat products you mute on the fly
[16:58]  You: "SL may contain Explicit Content. Parental Advisory"
[16:58]  Frappe Lapointe: if some gets out of hand you mute them
[16:59]  You: like that point
[16:59]  Frappe Lapointe: or block them
[16:59]  Blaise Syaka: it is possible...and tomorrow on CBS evening news, there is a story on a deaf woman and her free speech campaign
[16:59]  Yvette Kumsung: I was also thinking how Linden may be able to technically disable swear words completely
[16:59]  Blaise Syaka: could be useful....
[16:59]  You: anyone see the tower of babel content?
[16:59]  Frappe Lapointe: no
[16:59]  Frappe Lapointe: was it good
[16:59]  Blaise Syaka: no
[17:00]  Blaise Syaka: no - referring to I did not see it.
[17:00]  Blaise Syaka: grin
[17:00]  Frappe Lapointe: II knew that :>
[17:00]  You: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/6083994.stm
[17:00]  Yvette Kumsung: hehe
[17:00]  Blaise Syaka: excellent...btw - is there an easy way to delete the last SL upgrade?
[17:01]  You: what if SL could make a real mute speak?
[17:02]  Blaise Syaka: that is a mind-bender pere...making a mute speak via VR....
[17:02]  Frappe Lapointe: humm
[17:02]  Blaise Syaka: e.g. giving 'freedom' to their right to speak...
[17:03]  Blaise Syaka: SL as a civil rights crusader?
[17:03]  Yvette Kumsung: that could be made possible by "choosing" from a selection of pre-made voices
[17:03]  Frappe Lapointe: very true
[17:03]  Frappe Lapointe: that would be awesome
[17:04]  Blaise Syaka: very interesting stuff team!
[17:04]  Frappe Lapointe: well there is software out there that is used for that purpose
[17:04]  You: but also imagine the copyright issues
[17:04]  You: do you own your voice?
[17:04]  You: if a voice is a font
[17:05]  Frappe Lapointe: if you created it you would have the rights to it
[17:05]  Frappe Lapointe: and other can use it
[17:05]  Yvette Kumsung: I also saw this Machinima clip which sort of relates to us, it was about how this SL woman freaks out when she learns that her lips don't move when she speaks. Would voice in SL require lip-moving?
[17:05]  Frappe Lapointe: no
[17:05]  Frappe Lapointe: but it would be cool
[17:06]  Blaise Syaka: now that is really interesting....voice as a protectable item. The trick is what is protected the tone, pitch, etc.
[17:06]  You: and if you'r Nat King Cole 2.0, and you sing, is it a perfect digital copy? kinda like sampling
[17:06]  Blaise Syaka: what each of us hears is actually different
[17:06]  Yvette Kumsung: I don't like the idea of Nat King Cole 2.0 :)
[17:07]  Blaise Syaka: maybe sound wave licensing...
[17:07]  Blaise Syaka: like a unique signature tone....
[17:07]  You: imagine the criminal implications
[17:07]  You: hi Mom, can i have your credit card number please??
[17:08]  Blaise Syaka: yea...that is a great legal research issue.
[17:08]  Yvette Kumsung: how will Linden verify minors and majors? Is it only by CC number?
[17:08]  Frappe Lapointe: yes, if they use a credit card
[17:09]  Yvette Kumsung: What about people who don't use credit cards? (like my coworker, who is a Kiwi btw)
[17:09]  Frappe Lapointe: at one of Cnet talks Linden mentioned that they may go only to credit sign up
[17:09]  Frappe Lapointe: But that still may not work
[17:09]  Blaise Syaka: my apologies folks...my time is up for this evening.
[17:09]  Yvette Kumsung: I suppose that it inevitable
[17:10]  Yvette Kumsung: I mean, people won't want to give their SS numbers, right?
[17:10]  Frappe Lapointe: no
[17:10]  Frappe Lapointe: okay Blaise
[17:10]  Frappe Lapointe: are we going to check the group moodle this tomorrow
[17:10]  Blaise Syaka: yes
[17:10]  Frappe Lapointe: cool
[17:10]  Yvette Kumsung: ooh that sounded more like teacher and student
[17:11]  Frappe Lapointe: what?
[17:11]  Yvette Kumsung: I'm sorry, I was just joking
[17:11]  Frappe Lapointe: that is what I thought you meant
[17:11]  Frappe Lapointe: funny
[17:11]  Blaise Syaka: as long as I get the brownie points!
[17:11]  Yvette Kumsung: I've been spending too much time in SL (sigh)
[17:12]  Blaise Syaka: Cheers!
[17:12]  Frappe Lapointe: ciao!
[17:12]  Blaise Syaka is Offline
[17:12]  Frappe Lapointe: have agreat night
[17:12]  Yvette Kumsung: oops
[17:12]  Yvette Kumsung: Did USA say he wouldn't be coming?
[17:12]  You: sorry afk
[17:12]  Frappe Lapointe: not sure
[17:13]  You: sh, what'd i miss *scroll* *scroll*
[17:13]  Yvette Kumsung: nothing much :)
[17:13]  Yvette Kumsung: BTW
[17:13]  Yvette Kumsung: If we get voice into SL, what will happen to text?
[17:14]  Frappe Lapointe: you will have a choice
[17:14]  Yvette Kumsung: or can you do both?
[17:14]  Yvette Kumsung: Like type some things and say some other things..
[17:14]  Frappe Lapointe: Yes
[17:14]  Yvette Kumsung: Hm
[17:14]  You: speech synthesis?
[17:15]  Yvette Kumsung: I guess it will become more like RL then
[17:15]  Frappe Lapointe: I think the Lindens plan to add voice at some point but they understand that not eveyone will want to take part
[17:15]  Yvette Kumsung: I mean, in RL, we don't worry about overlapping voices
[17:15]  Frappe Lapointe: so they wil give you a choice
[17:15]  Yvette Kumsung: I sort of feel sad about all the RL that is coming into SL
[17:15]  Yvette Kumsung: I sort of like it because it has a different flavor
[17:16]  You: thatsa a good topic
[17:16]  Frappe Lapointe: yes it is
[17:16]  Yvette Kumsung: but an entirely different topic!
[17:16]  You: part of the discussion, some people prefer text
[17:16]  You: some people communicate better textually
[17:16]  Frappe Lapointe: Funny when Blaise and I did our interview
[17:16]  Frappe Lapointe: we talked about those issues
[17:17]  Yvette Kumsung: Text gives you time to think before you actually speak
[17:17]  Yvette Kumsung: I thought your interview was great!
[17:17]  You: so did i
[17:17]  Frappe Lapointe: and you have to pay attention
[17:17]  You: i didn't get to do an interview so sisn't post :(
[17:17]  You: didn't
[17:17]  Frappe Lapointe: than you know I am invovled with voice in VR
[17:17]  You: yes
[17:17]  Frappe Lapointe: oh sorry Pere
[17:18]  Frappe Lapointe: well you were part of the group
[17:18]  Yvette Kumsung: We should get to know each other more. It would help in figuring out what kind of roles we could play in contributing to the project
[17:18]  Yvette Kumsung: Oh well
[17:18]  Frappe Lapointe: it is funny thought
[17:18]  Frappe Lapointe: though
[17:18]  Frappe Lapointe: I like this becuase you pay more attention
[17:18]  Frappe Lapointe: than if we wer talking
[17:19]  Yvette Kumsung: It is also indiscriminating
[17:19]  Frappe Lapointe: sometimes I type to fast thoguh
[17:19]  Frappe Lapointe: yes
[17:19]  You: am hoping we can all contribute - academically its a level playing field
[17:19]  Yvette Kumsung: Everyone gets to say something
[17:19]  Yvette Kumsung: Also, if you have a weird accent it doesn't matter
[17:19]  You: lol
[17:19]  Yvette Kumsung: Like for instance, a non-native speaker could still feel comfortable
[17:19]  Frappe Lapointe: very true
[17:20]  You: speech therapy?
[17:20]  You: stutterers etc?
[17:20]  Yvette Kumsung: No offense, but sometimes I can't understand when Indians or Singaporeans speak English
[17:20]  Frappe Lapointe: thanks
[17:20]  Frappe Lapointe: just kidding
[17:20]  Frappe Lapointe: :>
[17:21]  Frappe Lapointe: well i think we are walking do the right path for our topic
[17:21]  Frappe Lapointe: we do need to refine it a bit
[17:21]  Yvette Kumsung: I'm glad you feel that way
[17:21]  Yvette Kumsung: Yes, we are still in the brainstorming mode
[17:21]  Yvette Kumsung: Brainstorming is fun though
[17:21]  You: lets pick a fight
[17:22]  Frappe Lapointe: and if we get some feed back from becca that would be great
[17:22]  You: Speech doesn't belong in SL
[17:22]  You: for example
[17:22]  You: or
[17:22]  You: Spelling discriminates against the illterate
[17:22]  You: SL Must have Speech
[17:22]  Frappe Lapointe: or that they live togther in perfect harmony
[17:22]  Yvette Kumsung: But where does the censorship come in?
[17:23]  You: text is a form of elitism
[17:23]  Frappe Lapointe: how to control what people say
[17:23]  You: predisposed to the educated
[17:23]  Yvette Kumsung: I think voice is more like that
[17:23]  Yvette Kumsung: People can tell by your voice how educated you are
[17:23]  Yvette Kumsung: (Maybe that's the same with text...hmm)
[17:23]  You: oh, i like that angle!!
[17:24]  Frappe Lapointe: Nice
[17:24]  You: thats back to the accents and labelling topic
[17:24]  Frappe Lapointe: and it is a good one
[17:24]  Yvette Kumsung: Oh dear, I will have to brush up on my British accent
[17:24]  You: lol
[17:24]  Frappe Lapointe: the funny part is we could go either way
[17:24]  You: Oi fink u done luvverly gurl
[17:25]  Yvette Kumsung: Or you never know, Georgian drawls could become the new fad
[17:25]  You: Valley Girl goes global
[17:25]  You: like... dude...
[17:25]  Frappe Lapointe: Wilde Cunningham might not like voice
[17:25]  Frappe Lapointe: nice
[17:25]  Yvette Kumsung: Maybe Scarlett O'Hara 1.0 will sell. Who knows
[17:26]  You: we all speak like rapstars?
[17:26]  Frappe Lapointe: Scarlett
[17:26]  Frappe Lapointe: is the way to go
[17:26]  Frappe Lapointe: nice velvet green dress
[17:26]  Frappe Lapointe: you will look lovely
[17:27]  Yvette Kumsung: Or maybe certain dialects will develop depending on the region
[17:27]  You: i think a velvet dress will make my hips look big
[17:27]  You: i have my mothers thighs
[17:27]  Yvette Kumsung: So do I. Only they're huge