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[[Thursday 7pm Chatlog 20061019]]
[[Thursday 7pm Chatlog 20061019]]
[[Thursday 7pm Chatlog 20061026]]
[[Thursday 7pm Chatlog 20061026]]

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Group Overview

Places & Times


  • Bridget Smith (Frappe Lapointe)
  • Brien Walton (Blaise Syaka)
  • Esmond Kane (Pere Utu)
  • William James (USA Brody)
  • Yvette Wohn (Yvette Kumsung)

Assignment: Interview a SL personality

Due Monday (Oct 9) at 10:55 EST (Assignment in Moodle)

Anyone know if this is a group Assignment?

Yes. Sign up for an Interviewee here

Project Discussion

Thursday 7pm Chatlog 20061019

Thursday 7pm Chatlog 20061026