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  Ada Padilla-Woltz
  Ada Padilla-Woltz
  Daniel Li
  Daniel Li
  Jeffrey Binder
  ? Jeffrey Binder
  Oliver Day
  Oliver Day
  Patrick Engelman
  Patrick Engelman

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Group Members

Ada Padilla-Woltz
Daniel Li
? Jeffrey Binder
Oliver Day
Patrick Engelman
Steven Spund

Project Topic Area

Open Courseware

Group Meeting Time and Communications Mechanisms

We meet Thursdays at 10PM. We mainly use chat rooms on AIM, the Project Discussion Space on Moodle, and an external wiki


Open Courseware


Our topic area is open access to educational materials at universities within SL. A number of different schools use Second Life for different purposes.


The code made by the Berkman Center in Second Life for learning is easy to share, it would be great if the Berkman Center could work towards more open access to educational tools and materials.


   * persuade Berkman Island to take a particular action 
   * persuade other educational institutions to take a similar action


   * raise awareness among the SL community of your particular issue

What We Intend To Accomplish

We propose that the powers that be in Berkman Island adapt a mission statement, in which Berkman Island announces its dedication to open access for online learning in an attempt to generate interest among other educational institutions in second life.

Audience: Who We Intend To Influence

We intend to influence The Berkmans/The Berkman Center.


Individual Goal Objective table
Objective Tactic/Method Who's responsible Target Date
1. Condense Message Proposal Daniel, Patrick, Steven, Oliver, Jeff and Ada 12/11/2006
2. Gather @large student needs Interviewing Oliver, Patrick, Daniel, Jeff, Steven and Ada 12/9/2006
3. Focus project Create Mission Statement Steven 12/11/2006
4. Ensure @large component for CyberTwo class Letter to Berkman Patrick, Ada and Oliver 12/12/2006
5. Visual element for proposal Logo Steven, Oliver and Ada 12/8/2006
7. Enshrine @large student rights Create Bill of Rights Patrick and Ada 12/8/2006
8. Raise awareness Create Buzz Daniel, Oliver and Jeff 12/8/2006
9. Present project to class Create presentation Ada and Steven 12/11/2006
10. Make a visual message Video Patrick and Oliver 12/11/2006
10. Podcasts Podcasts Daniel, Patrick, Steven, Oliver, Jeff and Ada Week 11?

Generating Buzz

[Edutech podcast] --Oliver

Contacted Geoff about teaching guide --Oliver

[Interviews with @large students] (multiple members)

Collaterial creation (presentations, etc) --Ada

Podcast ([we all made them but one stood out] -- Patrick


Measuring Success

Will cyberTwo have an @large component?

Success measurement table
Criterion of success Method of measurement
1. Berkman Responds to Letter Official Response
2. Podcasts are heard [Patrick's podcast is highlighted in the course]
3. Video makes impression Audience Reaction
4. Cybertwo has @large component Check official spring catalog

Open Questions

Please state any questions or unresolved issues relating to your project. These can be questions for us or just a sort of "to-do list" of unresolved issues that your group needs to work out. For instance, you might want to build a cool object, but none of you feel that you can do that on yourown. An unresolved issue might therefore be how to recruit someone to help with the build. This is probably the most important part of this entire plan, especially in the early phases!