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Hi, not sure if this is the right space to post this or the right format, so if it's not feel free to edit this away, as I reproduced in on the moodel site.

I'm no video editing genius, I have limited experience with it, but would be willing to help Kwan Bul (in whatever way I can) if he'd like. I noticed that there was some discussion about the slides and how they weren't very viewable for the extension students. I saw a very good example of a video presentation that incorporated both lecture type video and slides at the Keynote address of the 22C3 conference. [1] go to the page and search for the keynote speech (it gets get good around the middle and Joi Ito is an interesting speaker).

I was really impressed by how well it was done, as usually it is very difficult to integrate video and slide elements into a lecture. The process looks labour intensive, but it would be fun to try and emulate.

Another thing that might be really usefull, perhaps for future classes, is a backchannel IRC group for the lectures, though I suppose the wiki in a way fulfills that role. it would be really interesting to have some backchannel information integrated with the video (much like the slides are integrated with the video in the 223C video) in order to get an idea of what the HLS and other students are thinking. I mean their contribution to the course and the site is invaluable and, in my opinion, the more information that can be squeezed from them the better.

There is now an IRC channel #cyberone established on If anyone isn't sure what IRC is or how to connect don't be shy about asking for help.