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== Participants ==
== Participants ==
[[User:Patrick Engelman|Patrick Engelman]]
[[User:Patrick Engelman|Patrick Engelman]]
== Useful links ==
[http://ocw.mit.edu MIT's Opencourseware]
[http://extension.harvard.edu/2006-07/overview/tradition.jsp Harvard Extension School's Tradition Statement]

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The idea is to start an Open Courseware initiative for Harvard Extension school. Particularly, I would like to target the course videos for distance education courses as ideal material that could be shared with minimal effort.

Ideas for how to start

  • Contact MIT, Harvard Medical School Open Courseware project leaders for advice (NOT DONE YET)
  • Determine whose approval we need (NOT DONE YET)
  • Locate sources for funding (NOT DONE YET)


Patrick Engelman

Useful links

MIT's Opencourseware Harvard Extension School's Tradition Statement