The Future of Digital Education

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This panel is part of the online discussions for the MacArthur Foundation initiative on Digital Media and Learning and is hosted at Berkman Island in Second Life. Panelists include CyberOne's own Rebecca Nesson, Douglas Thomas of the Annenberg School for Communication at USC, Michael Eisenberg, Dean Emeritus and Professor at the University of Washington, and Henry Lowood of Stanford University. The panel will be moderated by CyberOne At-Large participant, Steve Anderson (Ironman28 in SL).

The panel will take place on Monday November 13 at 4:00PM SLT at the Berkman outdoor amphitheater. All members of the Cyberone community are invited to attend and participate in the discussion. Prior to (and during) the panel, audio interviews with each panelist will be made available on Berkman Island. In addition, this panel will be captured on video, edited and streamed on the MacArthur Online Community as part of the Open Forum on digital media and learning.

Anyone who is interested in helping to organize the panel - or assist with the documentation (video capture or editing), please contact Steve Anderson at <>. In particular, we could use help getting the audio streams online at Berkman and helping to orchestrate the panel on the 13th. Any other suggestions or ideas are more than welcome!