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How do we effectively TEACH in SL?  Second Life has a page about [http://secondlife.com/community/education.php Educational Communities]: there are SL groups themed around [http://www.simteach.com/wiki/index.php?title=Second_Life_Grad_Student_Colony Grad Student Colonies], and [http://secondlife.com/community/education.php Educators in need of SL classroom space], and much much more!
Are there possibilities for financial support/fellowships for research on using SL for educational purposes?  Gee it'd be nice if the [http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/home/ Berkman Center] offered something along these lines (Hint hint).
Offered by [[Geoff McGovern]]
[[List of Interested Participants]]
Let me offer a more detailed comment about the TEACHING aspect.  I'm offering a class in the spring, a Freedom of Speech Seminar, that will focus on speech in a digital age.  I'm assigning Benkler and a number of works that are on point (I'm accepting suggestions for readings).  The lessons to be learned from our CyberOne class were among my motivations for joining CyberOne: the knowlede of Wikis, blogs, SL, podcasts and the like clearly fit with my new class offering.  But I'm very interested in how to use these tools as an instructor.  How do I set up a course wiki on my own?  Likewise, how to I start a class blog?  How can SL be used to enhance the learning experience (well...we all have first-hand knowledge about that).  I guess I'm looking for the how-to from an instructor's perspective, rather than from the participants' eye.
Check these out:
*[http://cci.mit.edu/ MIT Center for Collective Intelligence]
*[http://theinfinitemind.com/mindprgm.htm The Infinite Mind] on NPR has a three part series on Second Life.

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