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Potential Idea for CyberOne Project (clarifying scientific arguments using the new media) It is a scientific fact that the technologies used in current Earth Observation satellites have instrinsic uncertainties (measurement errors) that do not matter for individual missions but matter a great deal when we need to study the small incremental changes over long periods of time that are typical of Climate Change. The purpose of the NPL exhibit at the Second Life Spaceflight Museum is to illustrate the design of a proposed satellite called TRUTHS, a calibration laboratory in space, that would enable scientists to correct errors in the data from other satellites. TRUTHS or a similar capability would enable scientists to improve the computerised climate models, helping us to better understand Climate Change and the impact of any measures we might take to reduce Global Warming. So here is an important idea, expressed in the language of a particular scientific discipline that needs to be better understood by the public, policy makers and scientists working in different fields. How might we use the new media (including of course Second Life) to better illustrate this idea?

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