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Offered by [[Geoff McGovern]]
Offered by [[Geoff McGovern]]
[List of Interested Participants]
[[List of Interested Participants]]

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Many of us--OK, most of us--are new to Second Life. While it is an incredible environment, the experience could be greatly enhanced if we knew more about how it works, why it works, and what we can do. Here are some topics of discussion that might attract some interest:

How do we BUILD in SL? I see fantastic avatars and flying cars, dragons and weapons and drunkards. How are these created? Would anyone be able to teach an introductory class in Building 101?

How do you START A BUSINESS in SL? There are shopping centers offering everything from avatars, to clothing, to...well...use your imagination. What are the economics behind these transactions? What are the legal reporting requirements on income earned from SL? What is the potential to earn?

How do we effectively TEACH in SL?

Offered by Geoff McGovern

List of Interested Participants