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Scratch Gallery

Please upload your Scratch games here! Unfortunately, we can't upload .scratch files to the wiki at this time. Please zip up your file to make a .zip file, a .gz file, or a .tar file and upload that instead. If you need help figuring out how to put your project in one of these compressed formats, scroll down to the "How to Upload" section.

Pong by Rebecca Nesson

Feed the Rabbits! For 1 Player. Feed the rabbits before they eat all your carrots! --Tawfiq 21:30, 24 September 2006 (EDT)

Perspective Cat -- For 1 Player. Use the arrows to move the cat and catch the rabbit, but don't get eaten by the dog (with really cheesy pseudo-perspective, and rudimentary collision detection).--Rheppner 00:31, 21 September 2006 (EDT)

Help Mimi Clean her Room! -- Read the instructions to learn how to play.

Tron -- Two Player game. The blue car is controlled with the Q and A buttons; the red car is controlled with the P and L buttons. Force the opposing car off the board or to run over your tracks to score. Others are welcome to improve the program (possible tweaks include losing by running over your own tracks, increasing car speed over time, and preventing slowdown by pushing the buttons in quick succession). -- Darren Klein

  • Cool. Nice job doing two players! The slowdown can be addressed by using if-then commands instead of When commands for controls. For some reason, it works much faster (actually too fast).--Rheppner 19:21, 22 September 2006 (EDT)

Space Rotor -- For 1 Player. Left arrow moves clockwise. Right arrow moves counterclockwise. Space bar fires. Shoot the ... umm... space cubes for points. Don't get hit by them or by the meteor. But, do catch the +1 for an extra life. --Rheppner 19:47, 22 September 2006 (EDT)

Dot Escape by Chris Walsh - For 2-4 Players

Driving by Ankur Garg - For 1 Player

Puffer -- For 1 Player. Move the puffer fish around with the arrow keys. Eat fish that are smaller you (each fish you eat makes you bigger). Don't get hit by the crab, the starfish, or bigger fish than you; they'll make you go pop! Eating the seahorse makes you shrink.--Rheppner 17:17, 23 September 2006 (EDT)

Cook the Cheat by User:andrew -- For 1 Player. Cook the cheat by luring her into the barbeque.

Surrealist Showdown by Josh -- For 1 Player. Use the mouse to shoot down falling enemies with your double-barreled cat gun (two shots needed to destroy the object). Each level has 5 enemies - if you miss all five, then the game ends. See how far you can get.

Learn Color Names by Nathan Brown -- For 1 Player. Select the color block that matches the word. See how fast you can do it and how many points you can get. Concept and design by Katherine(age 6) for her sister Samantha (age 4)

Invisibility by Aaron Sokoloff -- Can you get the dragon to the castle without seeing the dragon?

Baby Game by Anne Hubert -- Entertain the little one!

Skeeball by Nick Rose -- Play some old-fashioned Skeeball. See how many points you can get!

Dragon Dinner by Alison Healey -- Feed the dragon: Use your mouse pointer to move the dragon and help him eat fruit. Win by scoring 12 points...but watch out for a surprise here and there!

Dinosaur Race by Mark Maher This is a cute simple animation. Try to guess which dinosaur will win the race!

Virtual Football by Aaron Brooks -- See if you can score a touchdown.

Inferno by Brett Talley 1 player -- You have opened a portal to hell! Destroy the demons while avoiding the cute little hell-kitties.

Bowling Girl by Cara Viglucci Lopez 1 player. Keep track of your bowling skills by trying to knock down some of these jumpy dudes. Hit the space bar when you're ready to let go of the ball.

Tube Wars by Christina Xu

  • Help Senator Stevens keep the tubes unclogged by shooting the hippie filth they're sending through it!
  • 1 Player
  • (CC) Attribution

Mary's Lamb by Brie MacDonald -- Mary's Little Lamb is hiding behind the trees...move the trees and click on the Little Lamb to reunite him with Mary (and make the annoying music stop)!

Pixels and Birds by Giselle C. Woo -- A little fast forward of nature in our pixellated world.

The Cheat by Kenneth Garrett. This is basically an inside joke for my family. You have to move the little dog around to collect her toys by pulling the mouse around. You collect points for each toy you catch. There is one special item that shows up periodically, and if you get that she'll do a little dance and you get 5 points.

Treasure Quest by John Lobato -- Help the Knight get the treasure, but beware the dragon!!! He mysteriously disappears and reappears. Perhaps a little too unfair?? Let me know so I can change as users see fit. Make sure to follow the directions!

Underwater Adventure by Kevin Parker -- Try to find the treasure! But be careful, there are many dangers underneath the ocean.

Silence the Gunner by Josh Nevas -- Silence on the gunner as he taunts you with gunner-y comments ("Transaction costs!"). Click on the other law students to see what they're thinking. Snicker at my sad, sad programming skills.

Racing by Logan Schiff. This is a basic racing game on a homemade track with a timer so you can improve your driving abilities. Use the arrows to move.

Pentagon by LT Ciaccio. Kevin Parker keeps telling us that there is a purple fountain at the Pentagon. Help him find it, getting clues from his classmates. But don't choose the wrong door - Rumsfeld is lurking about! Click the flag to begin, and use your mouse or keypad to select a door.

MouseAttack - help the cat avoid the giant rat.

Herman Hesse's Siddhartha: the Game! - by Jonathan Krop. Help Siddhartha win his father's permission to abandon the worldly life and seek higher truths as a wandering monk. Complete the sacrificial offerings scattered throughout the grounds around Siddhartha's family home, but be careful! Entering Siddhartha's home before completing the offerings will bring down his father's wrath, and leaving the grounds before discharging his duties will dishonor Siddhartha forever! Worst of all, Siddhartha's dimwitted, toadying companion, Govinda, is pursuing Siddhartha as he tries to make his offerings. If he catches Siddhartha, his incessant pestering will put an end to Siddhartha's quest for enlightenment before it even begins! (Use the A,W,S, and D keys to change direction)

  • Let me know if the game doesn't work, but it should. Thanks, guys. -Jon

Moon Dance by LT Ciaccio A simple animation - sit back and watch.

Hot-Air Balloon Nightmare by Peter Cho 1 player game. You find yourself in hot-air balloon hell. For reasons unknown to you, you can't move beyond an invisible 2 dimensional square. Unfortunately, you have no awesome weapons. It makes absolutely no sense. Try to avoid all five flying objects.

Maze Runner by Jason Mehta 1 Player game. Try to avoid the bombs and exit the level.

Dancing on the edge by Juanita Leon Dance choreaography. Sit back and enjoy the show.[] Try to guess the name of the song being played. By Andy Knopp

Danger Cat Takes on the World by David -- For 1 Player. Help Danger Cat avoid all manner of trouble as he tries to follow his cousin Felix to the promised land. Use the arrow keys to tell him where to go. Please feel free to change and tweak this. [For some reason this was deleted from the page when another student added his or her game. Hopefully it will stay put this time.]

Trivia Challenge This is an extremely high level and not at all subjective sports trivia game that dazzles in its complexity. For die-hard sports fans only. By Mary.

Boston Globe Paperboy by Cole Wiley I couldn't actually get the "game" to function like I wanted it to, so let's just think of this as a coming of age drama...

Name typing by rose luqiu type the name correctly.

Mosquito Swarm by Brieanne Elpert 22:43, 25 September 2006 (EDT). The object is to kill the mosquitos. Unfortunately, in this nightmare, they never stop coming.

Gummy Bearz by Kami Kruckenberg A Sisyphean endeavor, in which you move the mouth to eat as many gummy bears as possible...but the hunger never abates. If someone figures out a good scoring system, feel free to put a stop to this tragic, endless hunger.

The Dean Hammer by Art Samuels Howard Dean is running the Republicans out of Washington! Type the first letter of the last name of the Republican leader to send crazy Howard after him with his hammer. Once you've cleaned house (or The House), click on the space bar for a victory message. Use directional pad to make the cat eat the birds.

Scratch Discussion

Use this space to discuss your Scratch programming experience. Questions, ideas, whatever.

Does anyone object to our having an "open source" model as the default for our Scratch programs (i.e. an understanding that everyone in the class who has access to Scratch can can make use of other people's programs so long as they re-share their changes)? (Those who do not want others modifying their original programs could always explicitly withold permission if they liked.) --Rheppner 00:41, 20 September 2006 (EDT)

The Scratch programming was fun. Easy to use and a very creative tool for learning. I remembered all the time what prof. Nesson said in class about “How you deal with being stupid is the key to how you learn”.

I am unable to play other peoples' games. When I open the zip file after downloading, the game appears as an adobe file. That can't be right. Anybody know how I can fix that? --Kgarrett 18:21, 25 September 2006 (EDT)

Using Windows? Sounds like the .scratch files are associated with acrobat on your machine. Select the games .scratch file(click it once), right click, select open with, choose browse, go to the directory you placed the scratch program in and select the scratch.exe file --Nathan Brown 20:03, 25 September 2006 (EDT)

How to Upload

Unfortunately, we can't upload .scratch files directly to the wiki. Instead we need to upload .zip or .tar or .gzip archives. Here are some basic instructions (that I hope people will improve on as they learn more information):

  1. Create a .zip archive
    1. On a Windows machine you probably have the application WinZip. You can use this application to create a .zip file from your .scratch file. It should be pretty self-explanatory once you open WinZip.
    2. On a Mac machine you probably have the application StuffIt Expander. You can use this application to create a .zip file from your .scratch file. It should be pretty self-explanatory once you open it.
      • In OSX, control click on the scratch file and select "Create Archive" from the menu-- takes about 3 seconds.
    3. If you don't have WinZip or StuffIt Expander, there are free alternatives that you can find and download if you search for them on Google.
    4. Alternatively, you could take your file to the HLS computer lab and do it there.
  2. Upload your .zip archive to the site
    1. On the left sidebar you'll see a link called "Upload File". Click that link and then follow the instructions to upload your file.
    2. Once the file is uploaded you end up on a page for your file. Copy the URL of that page.
    3. Come back to this page and post a link to the URL that you just copied in the Gallery section along with a title and description
    4. There may be better ways to do this than to link to that URL you end up on, for instance ways to link directly to the file or simple ways to know where that file lives. However, I don't know them. If you know them, please edit them in here!
  3. If you get stuck, please email Rebecca

Scratch Journals

Please write your name below and link it to a new page with a technical feedback memo on your experience with Scratch. We are interested in any and all aspects of your experience with Scratch. Did you like it? What was challenging about it? What insights did it give you about programming? What didn't you like about it? Really, anything you want to share. You may use a psuedonym if you like, but in order to be graded you must send a email with your psuedonym to Rebecca so that she can verify that you did the assignment. (Grading for these journals is on a check/no check basis. If you do it, you get full credit. We are not grading the content of your journal.)

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