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If you are looking to get involved in a project or looking to get some attention for a project you'd like to start, this page is the place to be. Browse through these projects or add your own.

If you want a project that you are involved with to get the attention of someone browsing through the list, we suggest making sure that you list some clear tasks that people can do to contribute. That way people can get involved right away and can come to have a sense of ownership of the projects for themselves.

  • The Open Patent Project
    • HLS Professors Nesson and Zittrain, Professor Wendy Seltzer, and Alex Macgillivray recently received a patent for the Question Tool. We haven't got it working for this class yet, but basically it allows a group of people to aggregate questions to be posed to a speaker. They would like to "patentleft" it, but there doesn't seem to be a system for doing "patentleft" yet. Would "patentleft" allow collection of patent rents from for-profit users if for the benefit of non-profit? Would you like to work on adding an open patent license to the licenses available through Creative Commons? Or figure out some other patentleft system?
  • The Gay in the Military? Fine By Me. Project
    • Professor and Rebecca Nesson are interested in extending Leila Nesson's "Gay? Fine by me." project into a protest of the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy. The basic idea is to make legislators aware that there is support among the public for allowing openly gay people to enlist. Rebecca wishes to put on record that she would prefer if no one (of any sexual orientation) enlisted, however.
  • The Pass/Fail Project
    • Professor Nesson and some law class members are interested in making a pass/fail option available for the course.
  • The Video Production Project
    • Professor Nesson would like the videos from our lectures to be edited into something suitable for a broader audience, perhaps incorporating the footage from the second camera, adding some context, adding some supporting materials, taking out the boring parts. This is a logistical/technical problem as well as a video-editing project. Want to do it for just one lecture? Or all of them? Or just help figure out how to get it done?