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*[[Law School Students Final Projects Pages]]
*[[Law School Students Final Projects Pages]]
*[[The Anti-Corporal Punishment Project]]  -  A space for people to share their thoughts on the use of corporal punishment for children.--[[User:Peter Cho|Peter Cho]] 12:24, 05 December, 2006 (EST)
*[[The Anti-Corporal Punishment Project]]  -  A space for people to share their thoughts on the use of corporal punishment for children.--[[User:Peter Cho|Peter Cho]] 12:24, 05 December, 2006 (EST)
*[[Sydney McGee Employment Dispute Project]] -- An interactive South Park script dealing with the controversy surrounding an elementary school art teacher who was fired for showing students nude statues on museum field trip.  Check it out to get informed, contribute to the script, or comment on the controversy.

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If you are looking to get involved in a project or looking to get some attention for a project you'd like to start, this page is the place to be. Browse through these projects or add your own.

If you want a project that you are involved with to get the attention of someone browsing through the list, we suggest making sure that you list some clear tasks that people can do to contribute. That way people can get involved right away and can come to have a sense of ownership of the projects for themselves.

  • Brainstorming Project Page
  • Car and Pedestrian Project, Alison's final project: Pedestrians on streets can be frustrating for drivers! Conversely, drivers can frustrate pedestrians! Have you encountered problems as a driver or as a pedestrian? What about as a biker? My goal is to foster empathy among the groups who share the road, with an interactive website and by any other means possible. Suggestions for developing this idea - i.e., interesting links, comments, ways to convey my message, etc. are welcome! Input requested & appreciated!
  • The Open Patent Project
    • HLS Professors Nesson and Zittrain, Professor Wendy Seltzer, and Alex Macgillivray recently received a patent for the Question Tool. We haven't got it working for this class yet, but basically it allows a group of people to aggregate questions to be posed to a speaker. They would like to "patentleft" it, but there doesn't seem to be a system for doing "patentleft" yet. Would "patentleft" allow collection of patent rents from for-profit users if for the benefit of non-profit? Would you like to work on adding an open patent license to the licenses available through Creative Commons? Or figure out some other patentleft system?
  • The Gay in the Military? Fine By Me. Project
    • Professor and Rebecca Nesson are interested in extending Leila Nesson's "Gay? Fine by me." project into a protest of the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy. The basic idea is to make legislators aware that there is support among the public for allowing openly gay people to enlist. Rebecca wishes to put on record that she would prefer if no one (of any sexual orientation) enlisted, however.
  • The Pass/Fail Project
    • Professor Nesson and some law class members are interested in making a pass/fail option available for the course.
  • The Video Production Project
    • Professor Nesson would like the videos from our lectures to be edited into something suitable for a broader audience, perhaps incorporating the footage from the second camera, adding some context, adding some supporting materials, taking out the boring parts. This is a logistical/technical problem as well as a video-editing project. Want to do it for just one lecture? Or all of them? Or just help figure out how to get it done?
  • The Harvard Extension Open Courseware Project
    • One uncommon aspect of this course is that much of the course materials are being made available to the entire world free of charge. MIT's OpenCourseWare initiative is an attempt to make virtually all course materials (lecture videos, notes, assignments, exams, even books) for all MIT courses freely available to the world. Harvard Medical School has made some progress towards sharing their own course materials. With a large number of online video courses, Harvard Extension School has an opportunity to create a similar initiative -- currently, video courses are tightly restricted to enrolled students only.
  • Harvard Internet and Society Conference 2007 Project
  • Open Access Initiative - An university-wide initiative to promote open-access.
  • Eifachfilm project
    We would like to run a creative commons TV channel containing high quality art movies. How could we free movies (no one shows anymore) more than 10 years old from copyright and migrate them to creative commons if regisseur and story author and all the creative staff agrees but the Media company rather wants to lock the movie away than showing within the creative commons licence.
  • The TRUTHS Project TRUTHS is an important idea, expressed in the language of a particular scientific discipline that needs to be better understood by the public, policy makers and scientists working in different fields. How might we use the new media (including Second Life) to clarify a scientific argument? proposed by 'at-large' member User:Dcommerce
  • The Project on Soldier Testimony and Human Rights
    • The aim of this project is to learn more about the soldier experience, in the hopes that giving soldiers a voice will shed some light on their relationship to human rights. proposed by andrew User:andrew
  • International Copyright Wiki
    I've got an idea for an international copyright wiki that is for anyone to take if interested, and have written a short description of my idea at the Brainstorming and At-Large Participants' Project Ideas pages. - Stian 21:21, 2 October 2006 (EDT)
  • Discovery Through Error Theory - We learn by mistakes, and I make a lot of mistakes; therefore, I learn a lot.
  • Ident-I-pedia - The Identity Wiki - This wiki is intended to create a knowledge base of identity. The goal of this project is to understand the confines of identity related constructs in law, technology and society for the purpose of finding a better understanding of how our individual liberty can be applied to solve future identity related issues.
  • Organic Use of The Internet Wiki - How to keep autonomy for the long term and not be the frog that gets boiled slowly without noticing. The tactics and strategies to avoid becoming entirely dependent on information systems and digital capital.
  • Revive Musical Theater - CyberOne project by Giselle C. Woo & Mark Maher
    • Visit this link to see the video that will hopefully convince Producers to change their tune and save the future of musical theater.
    • The progress of musical theater is at a crossroads. 9/11 delivered a blow to the New York City theater community, and producers have since struggled to bring audiences back to the theaters of Broadway. Producers of musical theater are concerned as to whether this art form will thrive in the 21st century, and rightfully so. Revivals seem to have taken over Broadway in historical proportions. Producers often seek to produce revivals, or previously produced musicals, as they are seen as the safest bet. The strategy is that audiences will definitely come to the theater if they are familiar with the material. Thus, it is understandable that producers are reluctant to take on the risk of launching original works, as there is a lower probability that they will catch on. And without packed houses, the future of musical theater remains uncertain. Many musical theater experts propose a different strategy, and believe that producers should look for preexisting works in other mediums, such as books and poems and adapt them into musicals. Audiences will be familiar with the material, yet there will be a new work created, thus breathing life and new creative fire into the medium. In short, revivals do not revive musical theater – it is only new works that can keep it alive.
  • Authoritative Identity Legal Framework - What are the power/parent/entrenched rights of the identity? Am extremely interested in this - if there is anyone who knows of a project like this please let me know hart
  • The Internet Accessibility Project - an attempt to create a guide or tutorial for nontechnical, novice users of the Internet, such as seniors.
  • Green Microsoft Project - With the release of Windows Vista, Microsoft has the ability to significantly reduce power consumption of all Windows-powered computers around the world. How? By shutting off the computer monitor instead of having a screensaver by default when Windows is first installed. I really believe a project team can accomplish this task with some concerted and focused month-long blogosphere compaign. --Genekoo 19:27, 25 October 2006 (EDT)
  • The Islamic Democracy Project
    • The purpose of this project is to create an online community where both Islamic scholars and lay members will discuss issues of Islamic law and interpretation as they apply to both private and public life. The intent is that participants will learn and guide each other through empathic persuasion, rather than through mere appeals to authority.--Tawfiq11:39, 23 November 2006 (EST)
  • The File Sharing Solution - The purpose of this site is to create a space where people from all sides of the file-sharing debate can come & discuss potential compromises. Although my proposed solution is "voluntary collective licensing" similar to the current system for radio play, any & all ideas are encouraged. This link takes you to a wiki that's linked through the main site. (www.thefilesharingsolution.com).--Abrooks
  • Law School Students Final Projects Pages
  • The Anti-Corporal Punishment Project - A space for people to share their thoughts on the use of corporal punishment for children.--Peter Cho 12:24, 05 December, 2006 (EST)
  • Sydney McGee Employment Dispute Project -- An interactive South Park script dealing with the controversy surrounding an elementary school art teacher who was fired for showing students nude statues on museum field trip. Check it out to get informed, contribute to the script, or comment on the controversy.