Peter Cho's Scratch Journal

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It was probably my error in not setting aside more time to create my game with Scratch (Hot-Air Balloon Nightmare). I thought a few hours would be enough, but I actually spent twice as much time as I had initially alotted. In that time, I had to change my game several times after running into walls where I simply could not figure out how to do what I originally planned to do. For example, my original game involved the player controlling the hot-air balloon and dropping large water balloons to extinguish small fires below. But I could not figure out how to place the water balloon directly below the hot-air balloon to give it the appearance of being attached. I began to slowly realize that what at first appeared to be fairly mundane and simple actions (e.g. dropping water balloon onto targets below) would actually require more creativity and imagination to successfully program. In the end, I decided the change my game because of my inability to figure this out. I realized that I would have to simplify my game as my lack of familiarity with Scratch constrained and limited what I could do. Ulitmately, my game turned out to be a simple game of avoiding objects in the sky. I thought it'd be neat to add a timer of some sort so that a player could compare his progress quantitatively, but I could not figure out how to get the timer to stop once the player "died".

Looking at other games was fairly helpful. When I had trouble figuring out the coding for a specific action, I looked to other games for help. In this way, it was nice to be able to see how others had programmed certain actions in their own games.

In the end, using Scratch was a neat experience. It made me appreciate the effort it takes to get a stick figure on a screen to simply swing a sword.

  • nesson here: good effort. did you save your original hot air balloon attempt? i'd love to see if i could figure a way to attach the water bomb to the balloon.