Part One: Summary of Facts

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Sydney McGee, a beloved teacher with 27 years of experience, taught art at Wilma Fisher Elementary School in Frisco, Texas. In April, 2005, Ms. McGee took her fifth grade classes on a field trip to the Dallas Museum of Art. Ms. McGee arranged the trip, previewed the route through the museum, and approved the art to be shown. During the trip, students saw nude artworks. While it is unclear which nude art the students saw, the probable candidates are Maillol's Flora, Rodin's Shade, an ancient Greek statue of a nude male body, and Arp's Star in a Dream, an abstract nude, all of which were visible on the planned field trip route. The works are pictured below.

In addition to those works, the Dallas Museum of Art's permanent collections include these statues, which students may also have been able to view.