OCW Project Advice Request Letter

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Advice Request Email

This is a letter I plan on sending to the OCW contacts at Harvard Medical School, MIT, Tufts, and Utah State


Dear name,

I am writing in hope of getting advice on how to start an Open Courseware intiative at the Harvard Extension School. The school already produces a great set of on-line video lectures and other course resources for a number of distance education courses, and the Extension School was created in order to share Harvard's knowledge with a wider audience. I am an (extension/law/etc.) school student at Harvard, and I'm sure I can find a number of students and professors who would support the project and volunteer their time, but I don't really have any idea who at the Extension School needs to be convinced of the project or what the biggest roadblocks will be. Do you have any ideas about the best way to proceed?

Thanks, Name