Necker Cube

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Necker Cube

ColouredNeckeCcube image.jpg

Student Question: it was mentioned in class that you can see the Necker Cube two different ways. I was wondering if people thought that this means (1) you can see it as a two-dimensional object on a page or as a three-dimensional cube, or (2) always as a three-dimensional cube, but with different sides in "front" relative to the viewer. Both versions make sense to me, is there a right answer here?

ccwalsh says: You're right that there are actually three ways to see the image. I think the two that people typically mean are the two cubes. Those are the two that it's impossible to perceive at the same time.

LCiaccio says: I beleive there are four ways to see the cube: (1) two dimensional, (2) and (3)both cubes (different sides in front) and (4) as the object that Prof. Nesson showed in class (a three dimensional object that is not a cube, with both sides coming toward you to different extents).

An animated Necker Cube (java applet)