Mike Caro, Tells from Actors

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Most people are prevented from living the life they want. In childhood, they're required to do chores they hate. They grow up having to conform at school. As adults they must shake hands they don't want to shake, socialize with people they dislike, pretend they're feeling "fine" when they're feeling miserable, and act in control of situations where, in truth, they feel frightened and unsure.

These people -- the majority of folks you meet every day -- are actors. They present themselves to you as people different than they really are.

Deep within themselves they know they are not the same people they pretend to be. On an unconscious level, they think, "Hey, I'm so phony that if I don't act to disguise my poker hand, everyone will see right through me!"

And that's why the majority of these pitiful people are going to give you their money by always acting weak when they're strong and strong when they're weak."