List of At-Large Participants

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Marcio Noronha

Scott MacLeod - Aphilo in SL -

Phil Shink lIHd Sellery in SL

Rhonda Lowry

Steve Anderson Ironman28 Tenjin in SL

Daniell Krawczyk Chuck Commons in SL

Dave Taylor Davee Commerce in SL

Justina Guest -- Justina Gregory in SL

Geoff McGovern GeoffMcG Xi in SL

Candide LeMay in SL

Norm Platt

Stian Rødven Eide - Trondheim, Norway

Sandra Rotenberg - Sariah Chihuly in SL

Mark Lizar - Hart Zhao in SL

Molly Shainfarber

Fran Gardner - Gardner Fraenkel in SL

Larry Press - in real life