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Sydney McGee Employment Dispute Project

Car and Pedestrian Project, Alison's final project: Pedestrians on streets can be frustrating for drivers! Conversely, drivers can frustrate pedestrians! Have you encountered problems as a driver or as a pedestrian? What about as a biker? My goal is to foster empathy among the groups who share the road, with an interactive website and by any other means possible. Suggestions for developing this idea - i.e., interesting links, comments, ways to convey my message, etc. are welcome! Input requested & appreciated!

Childfree Issues: Benefits Project LT's Final Project.

Star Wars v. Lord of the Rings Brieanne's Final Project.

Should Alabama Fire Mike Shula as Head Football Coach? There has been a lot of discussion in the national sports media about Alabama's handling of the decision about whether or not to fire Mike Shula from his position as head football coach. Click to find out why firing Shula is the best course of action.

Supermarkets and Thanksgiving Project It is currently against the law for supermarkets and other big stores in Massachusetts to be open on Thanksgiving. In this website, I use three movies to argue for repealing this law. -- Nick Rose

Internet Gambling - Prohibition or Regulation In a series of Podcasts, I try to parse the arguments that a pro-regulation advocate should make to sway his audience. -- Darren Klein

Marvard University Open Courseware - Law and the Constitution in the Superhuman Age by Jonathan Krop. Law and comic books: two great tastes that go great together.