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Sydney McGee Employment Dispute Project Wiki

  • This wiki is a quick introduction to my project, which will be a South Park script dealing with the issue I discussed in class on Monday, 11/27. The first part is a quick brainstorm on the major empathic arguments in the project and the second part is a nutshell outline of the script. Please feel free to contribute to, criticize, or comment on this wiki. Soon, I'll have a rough draft of a complete script up, which will replace this introductory wiki. --Josh

| Car and Pedestrian Project, Alison's final project: Pedestrians on streets can be frustrating for drivers! Conversely, drivers can frustrate pedestrians! Have you encountered problems as a driver or as a pedestrian? What about as a biker? My goal is to foster empathy among the groups who share the road, with an interactive website and by any other means possible. Suggestions for developing this idea - i.e., interesting links, comments, ways to convey my message, etc. are welcome! Input requested & appreciated!