Kami Kruckenberg's Scratch Journal Entry

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I come from a family in which there was a clear breakdown of the math people (my brother, sister, and mom) and the verbal people (my other sister and I). Because of this, it has only been recently that I've discovered how much I love working with computers. I learned some html and css, and I found that I like the combination of trial & error and sheer creativity that comes with coding.

Working with Scratch provided that same enjoyable challenge. I created a game in which a mouth tries to "eat" all the gummy bears in sight--kind of a sugary Pac Man. From the start, I liked teaching myself how to do things by looking at how others had already accomplished things. The examples of games that were pre-loaded were very helpful. I liked the experience of trying out new ideas, as well.

Things became more frustrating when I attempted to add a scoring mechanism. Because the mouth (my main sprite) is large, I didn't want the gummys to be "eaten" simply by coming in contact with the mouth. So I made it that they had to have white (the teeth) cover them. Unfortunately, using the color cover function for scoring simply did not seem to work. After hours of trying, I just decided to let go. After all, I don't want to become one of those computer programmers who never sleep or shower. ;)