Jason Mehta's Scratch Journal

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I very much enjoyed programming with Scratch, simply because it was very easy to use and learn from. I would have preferred had the installation package come with sample files and programs, so that I could learn how these other programs work. In that regard, looking at other classmates' projects was particularly helpful as I got to see how other students designed and programmed in Scratch.

The one thing that would have been most helpful to me while programming in Scratch would have been some way for me to debug my program by running the program and then seeing what step/line of code was being employed. For example, when I click on the "Green Flag", it would have been helpful to see the code on the left hand side and see the program on the right. When I click on a certain area, it'd be nice for the code being used to be highlighted. This extra level of debugging would have saved me lots of time in trying to figure out what was correct/incorrect about my program.

After playing several other games, I was remarkably impressed with how quickly myself and other students were able to learn Scratch. I particularly enjoyed playing Space Cowboy and seeing the intracicies involved with programming a game that had multiple pieces moving around at the same time.