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The Islamic Democracy Blog

Check out the Islamic Democracy Blog.

This is where you can learn about how the Islamic Democracy project came to be, and stay updated on the latest news associated with the development of the project.

Islamic Democracy by WIKI

Peace on you all,

WIKI is a potentially excellent tool to open up "laboratories" of Islamic Democracy. The idea of democracy that I envision is one where every person has a voice, and where that person's voice will be heard. The wonderful thing about WIKI is that anybody can edit, contribute, or change anything that appears here. Yet, here, the individual has a voice, but this is not an individual endeavor. It is a collective project where everyone has equal opportunity to participate. And I suspect that like Wikipedia, which has been shown in many cases to match and surpass traditional encyclopedias in its breadth and quality, our project too will find success through the open collaboration that WIKI is best-suited for.

I invite all of you to contribute to the ideas here, to change anything you wish to change. Let us see where our experiments will take us.


Tawfiq Ali

The Islamic Constitution Project

An excellent suggestion by a member of the CyberOne community was that our project could include an experiment where we attempt to devise an Islamic Constitution by WIKI. In the wake of regime change in Iraq and Afghanistan, we've seen the struggles that some Islamic countries have had in creating constitutions that well-represent both Islamic legal ideals and the potential for healthy Islamic democracy. Unfortunately, Iraq and Afghanistan are still war torn, and it is unclear that stable democracy will flourish their anytime soon. Nevertheless, we are not precluded from continuing with our experiments online. At the least, the Islamic Constitution Project will challenge us to engage tough questions about governance and individual rights. It will challenge us to engage one another. And if the experiment goes well, perhaps it will have some value to "the real world" in the near future...

Contribute to the The Islamic Constitution Project.

Islamic Democracy in Second Life

Forum for Discussing Islamic Legal and Ethical Issues