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A few of us (HES & At-Large Participants) want to help give the course some more structure. Our hope is to work with the instructors to shape the course as a freely-available educational experience. Everyone is welcome to come and discuss, so be prepared to take action afterwards!

Next Meeting: Berkman Island @ 9:30 on Tuesday, October 10

Here is the transcript from our meeting on Tuesday, 10/10

Agenda: (Feel free to add your questions & comments to the agenda below. We'll refer to this page when we hold our meeting).

  1. What gaps are there in the present course structure?
    • Crislc
      • The At-Large participants feel like they could be more involved.
      • There are too many websites to juggle -- Moodle, the Wiki, and the main course page.
        • Should we try to improve one of these sites and make it a centralized knowledge repository?
        • Are there information needs that aren't being met by these existing sites?
  2. What solutions can we envision to bridge those gaps?
  3. What actions can we take to make those solutions happen?