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Welcome to Dot Escape version 1.0, by Chris Walsh

Dot Escape is a game for 2 to 4 players - get it HERE

One player uses the mouse and takes the role of the Jailer. His goal is to prevent the Dots from escaping for 60 seconds. He does this by laying traps in the Dot Maze.

  • Controls for the Jailer:
    • Click the mouse on the map (do not hold down the button) and keep the cursor in that area for two seconds. At the end of this period, the area will turn dark red and become deadly to the dots. After a while, the area will fade to white briefly and be un-trappable until it reverts to grey.

The goal of the Dots is to get to the helicopter within 60 seconds. After 50 seconds, the helicopter will begin changing colors as a sign that it is about to leave. The helicopter is only large enough for one Dot, so the first to get there is the winner.

  • Controls for the Dots:
    • Follow the on-screen directions to determine the number of players and the dots' colors.
    • Player 1 can turn his dot with the a and d buttons.
    • Player 2 uses b and m.
    • Player 3 uses the left and right arrows.

Please feel free to modify and redistribute this document and program per the terms of the noncommercial attribution license available at

Feel free to make new maps (just change the costume on Sprite5)

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If anyone wants to add powerups, that could be neat. Some ideas:

  • Extra life
  • Stealth mode - turns costume into background color
  • Ghost mode - moves through walls
  • Extra copter - a second helicopter appears on the board