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Getting acquainted with Scratch was similar to listening to my logic professor as an undergraduate again. It's a specialized type of thinking that you need to use, tapping strongly into one part of your brain. I very much enjoyed the process just as I very much enjoyed Symbolic Logic.

Which is not to say that there were not moments of frustration. And even in the end, I did not feel that I had finished, just that I was done.

I knew pretty quickly what game I wanted to try and create. Growing up with the old Atari, I had a favorite game called Surround. The graphics were practically non-existent, but the game was so much fun. The game itself had a sort of logic of its own. You had to Surround the other guy with your tracks to that he ran into your track or his own before you ran into his track or your own. Simple sounding, but so much fun.

Simple to play, but more difficult than I thought it would be to program. Scratch as a program, was extremely user friendly and flexible, but there were a few discrete things that I could not accomplish with the code. I could not figure out how to have the game sense if you ran over your own track. The problem is that the standard "Sense color" control in the game 'senses' that you run over your own track as you lay it. So you are constantly and immediately losing.

Still I have a few ideas to circumvent this limitation in the program (is it really a limitation or just an inconvenience?). So the Scratch assignment, for me, was a sucess, because I am still thinking about it. And I am thinking about how to work within yet manipulate the code. It's very similar to the law we learned in our 1L classes.

  • nesson here: i see why you loved this game. excellent work!

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