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The SLACR website is running at

Final Project Presentation Draft

Presentation Script:

1. Greetings and self introduction

Good evening. We like to start off with a quick introduction of our team – the CyberWarriors.

(Team members please wave his/her hand as their name is spoken) Constanza Marty Tempus Yoyo And finally ... Kenny … our at-large student from Loyalist College in Canada!

(Let the crowd says hi/hey/howdy …)

2. Tell a story about the genesis of our project

Let me begin with a true story ....

Once upon a time in a virtual world then called the Berkman Island, Our team started off jumping from one topic to another. Then one day, on Oct 17 17:49 PM to be exact, in the middle of a serious conversation about intellectual property and self governance, Tempus popped out a line out of nowhere - “i like sex …(as a topic)”. Marty quickly followed with “ok, me too”. So that was our defining moment this semester.

In the pursuing weeks, we discovered that “mature content” is a big part of SL economy much like Internet and real life in general. However, unlike adult web sites, most mature areas in Second Life do not display any clear warning message nor verify age of their visitors. Put it differently, most SL residents can easily and inadvertently come across potentially offending content in the main grid.

3. Show empathic to Linden Lab, Property Owner and/or Business Owner, and current and future SL residents – you!

Linden Lab has a legitimate concern in promoting economic development, including mature content, in Second Life. So do the hundreds of mature content owners who are in the business of providing adult entertainment. The third group of constituants we were empathetic towards were the bulk of users themselves, who didn't want to be hampered in both their mature and PG activities.

We developed a simple warning, a graphic, which we want LL to show when entering as mature area. It will not adversely affect the economy of mature sites as it will only redirect people who don't want to be there anyway. It will take a little longer for users to enter a mature site but only a slight delay, a time to pause and be certain that they want to enter a mature site. For another target audience, kids who should not be on the grid at all, it again allows a moment to pause and, for adults nearby who are monitoring, a chance to say "No."

4. Introduce our website and play the podcast.

As we learned earlier in the course, those who code write the law in cyberspace. In this case, Linden Lab clearly controls the code/law of SL. We developed an online petition campaign – SLACR – to gather support and start a dialog with Linden Lab. Our official site is The reason why we chose to create a blog rather than a regular webpage is that, just as we state in our main page, we are not a faceless organization, interested only in pushing “our” agenda. We are aware of the importantance of the dialogue with other fellow citizens and encourage the discusion to flow both ways so that we can make this grow considering all the valuable points of view that we might have not noticed .

You may listen to our official podcast in the blog. The first of this series of podcasts to come , summarizes what our goals are. We make it clear that we are just a couple of citizens that happened to be together for this project because of a class, but we are seriously commited to make the virtual world a better place to experience. (Play the podcast if you can)

5. Make a pitch where this will make the SL a better place.

As more and more companies and educational institutions stake their presence in SL, we feel this simple warning will prevent "newbies" and seasoned veretans alike from entering areas they don't want to enter. There are many similar examples in real life (highlighted on our blog). We are NOT for censorship in any way, we just feel that a simple warning will go a long way to making SL a better place.

6. Q&A

7. Ending/Credit

Thank you all for your enthusiasm and support this evening. As our Q&A comes to a close, we want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who signed our online petition in support of SLACR.

(Type out all the names in our petition ...)


Next Actions

  • Everyone should be sure to complete their class assignments. This includes the journal entry for 12/04, and the final project write up.
  • The HES student group will present to the full class, on Tue, 12/12.
    • Cris cannot be there, as he'll be traveling.
  • The project wiki has to be finished by the presentation date.
    • Marty has offered to handle that.

The wiki and the group presentation are the most important things to our final grade, and are a great forum for us to show off how far we've come. We'll talk about prepping for those at this Tuesday's meeting, 12/05.

Topics to address:

  • Becca & Gene pointed out that we don't define "mature".
    • We've informally accepted a "13-y.o measure" -- put a Red Light icon on anything you don't want your 13-y.o. to wander into.
    • If that's really what we mean, then we're implicitly suggesting a difference between "mature" and "explicit". We need to make sure we address this point when we clarify our definitions.
  • Finalize the Press Release
    • Kenny did a spectacular job assembling our PR ahead of schedule.
    • We need to figure out what additional material we want to include in our electronic Press Kit.
    • We should assemble at least two versions. One to email around (to news bureaus, etc.), and one for distribution in SL itself.
  • Where do we go next?
    • Based on Becca & Gene's feedback this morning, I think we've met expectations for this course. Now is a good time to take a quick breather to re-assess the campaign. --Crislc 16:24, 3 December 2006 (EST)
    • Some of us want to keep SLACR running after CyberOne is over. Some of us might just feel that way because I put you on the spot. If we're going to make this really serious, we should re-examine our overall vision.

SLACR: Second Life Adult Content Reminder

Our project is based on three components:

We've had to cut the second component of Outreach, which was to get some media coverage. Since the SLACR campaign is likely to continue after this class ends, we should take the time to do a good job with our Press Release and material (instead of rushing to get it done by the end of class).

CyberOne Warriors: Group Project

CyberOne Warriors Project Proposal
It did all come down to that page, prior to the Great Moodle Implosion of

2006 that "ate our homework". Now it comes down to this key set of directives, information, and criteria responses.

1. Our project, using multiple electronic tools, will seek to educate and use

  SecondLife "SL" participants to further a "cause for action". That cause is to 
  easily identify adult content utilizing a method that the group shall create 
  and include a tool that will allow residents of SL to voice their opinions
  along with ours.
  We chose this cause because Linden ceased verifying age using credit cards.
  There is already a minors grid, but it has been observed and is to be expected   
  that minors will undoubtedly access the main grid and peruse the adult areas.
  Our project places a notification, an image, to clearly associate the adult 
  area with a "red light", fashioned after the respectable "RLD" of Amsterdam.
  It is tasteful, chic, and for a cause that helps all residents to be clear on 
  societal norms and expectations. Not all will observe, but most SL residents  
  are expected to voluntarilty acknowledge the issue as a result of our campaign.
  Those tools included:
   - Wiki
   - Blog
   - Email List
   - Kiosks for voting
   - Backend data collectors
   - A presentation to CyberOne Teaching Staff on 11 DEC.

2. At the conclusion of our project, we will forward our signed petition to the

  Lindens for action. Our project will continue with many of the same class

3. To date, our project, without any press or a mass push into SL, has received

  40 + signatories. The data can be viewed here:



20061015 Interview - moo Money

Group Meetings

CyberOne Warriors Transcript December 9
CyberOne Warriors Transcript November 28
CyberOne Warriors Transcript November 14
  • Re-assigned some work (see Next Actions)
  • Decided on project name: "SLACR: Second Life Adult Content Reminder"
CyberOne Warriors Transcript October 31
CyberOne Warriors Transcript October 24
CyberOne Warriors Transcript October 20
CyberOne Warriors Transcript October 17
CyberOne Warriors Transcript October 10
CyberOne Warriors Transcript October 3

Group Overview

Places & Times


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