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General Concerns About The Pass/Fail Project

negative aspects to the CyberOne pass/fail option


In the public arena, we are "graded" all the time on subjective criteria. We are often judged based on our creativity or lack thereof. We are always performing. Poor artistry has consequences on self and others. For example, the successful trial lawyer often depends on creative argument more so than on analytical rules of logic to make a case. Where the lawyer fails, the client may be deprived of life, liberty, property, or dignity.

Perhaps our fear of failure is misplaced. We fear the uncertain bad grade. Instead, our concerns should be with the uncertain consequences our performances may have in our daily lives. If anything, grading schemes in the typical law school class falsely reflect real life. In real life, grading isn't blind, nor is it based on facility with contrived hypothetical fact patterns. Instead, total success requires properly speaking the languages of love, passion, and inspiration. And often, lasting success lies in rising up from apparent defeat, even if defeat is seemingly dealt arbitrarily or unexpectedly. Grading in CyberOne would reveal an understanding of the real world that grading in most law school classes fails to offer.

Specific Concerns About the Proposal

The proposal as currently drafted says "There are no negative aspects to the CyberOne pass/fail option."