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Programming in Scratch was quite interesting and even fun at times, but it was very frustrating at certain points as well. I got an idea for a game relatively early on, but had to keep changing the way that it would be “played” because I was having so much trouble doing what I wanted to do with the programming commands. There were a couple situations where I had to start programming all over again because I screwed up the process so bad that it could not be mended. In the end, I had to settle for what amounted to a basic slide show instead of an actual game. My complete incompetence in the medium definitely allowed me to develop a tremendous amount of respect for those people who are adept as using the expressions within Scratch. Even though I really wasn’t able to do what I wanted to with the program, I think I at least have an idea of what can be done with the proper tutelage.

  • nesson here: cole, what was your original idea? what did you want to do that you could not?