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  • Wikis and Law Ideas
    • What do wikis, and things like Wikipedia in particular, do to our idea of expertise? Do they have any consequences for Daubert-style analysis of expert testimony?
    • What about wikis and juries? Are wikis an idealized form of the "community consensus" at which jury trials aim?
  • Wikis and Communities in practice
    • is a website developed by poverty law attorneys around Massachusetts to help residents understand their rights and responsibilities and address their legal concerns. Is this site appropriate in a wiki environment? Turning this into a project requires more than rhetorical argument; it requires an understanding of issues such as the ethics of dispensing legal advice, the politics of such advice (controlling message and the community's concern that more technologically-sophisticated and powerful people like father's rights groups will take over the content of the site to the detriment of the originally-targeted audience), and organizational culture (try telling a lawyer to let laypeople edit their writing!). This project would involve meeting and negotiating with people already embedded in a complex community. On the one hand that makes it much more pragmatic/realistic and similar to what one might encounter in the "real world;" on the other, it may be well beyond the scope of what students are interested in taking on. Submitted by Gene Koo, former manager of this site.