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  • Wikis and Law Ideas
    • What do wikis, and things like Wikipedia in particular, do to our idea of expertise? Do they have any consequences for Daubert-style analysis of expert testimony?
    • What about wikis and juries? Are wikis an idealized form of the "community consensus" at which jury trials aim?
  • Wikis and Communities in practice
    • is a website developed by poverty law attorneys around Massachusetts to help residents understand their rights and responsibilities and address their legal concerns. Is this site appropriate in a wiki environment? Turning this into a project requires more than rhetorical argument; it requires an understanding of issues such as the ethics of dispensing legal advice, the politics of such advice (controlling message and the community's concern that more technologically-sophisticated and powerful people like father's rights groups will take over the content of the site to the detriment of the originally-targeted audience), and organizational culture (try telling a lawyer to let laypeople edit their writing!). This project would involve meeting and negotiating with people already embedded in a complex community. On the one hand that makes it much more pragmatic/realistic and similar to what one might encounter in the "real world;" on the other, it may be well beyond the scope of what students are interested in taking on. Submitted by Gene Koo, former manager of this site.
  • International Copyright Wiki
    One idea I've had for some time (but not the time nor resources to carry out) is for an International Copyright Wiki, where legal experts and other interested people can enter information about laws and precedents related to Copyright in all the different countries. This would be a great tool for comparing the different systems, to clarify and avoid confusion of the rules (many Norwegians believe American copyright law applies to them, since they see an FBI warning before every rented movie), and also explain (if possible) the connections between them. I do not know much about law myself, and have often felt the need for such a website. Seeing that American copyright regulations are infecting other countries through trade "agreements", I find it natural that American Copyright Law should form the structural basis for such a Wiki, and I believe CyberOne at Harvard Law School would be an perfect place to start. Stian 21:11, 2 October 2006 (EDT)
  • Nonprofit organization to provide non-copyright incentives to artists
    I was musing about novel incentives for creative work today, and I was wondering if it was possible to organize a nonprofit that collects and distributes money for creative work. Basically it would let you donate money indirectly to artists and deduct the donation from your income for tax purposes, essentially getting a government subsidy for a copyright alternative system (something that should be happening anyway). I expect there are some legal hoops to jump through to actually get the deduction, especially if you have a lot of control over where your money ends up. Does something like this exist? Can it be done through the tax exemption for gifts instead? - ccwalsh

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